Potential Ebbsfleet Report Ruined…

I thought I’d leave it until Sunday before publishing my match report after last weeks Saturday night effort ended up as a full-on rant about the referee. Hang on, surely I’m justified in just rehashing it, changing all references of ‘Darlington’ to ‘Ebbsfleet’ and ‘defeat’ to ‘draw that means we face a pointless replay’…

Well, it might not be pointless. The draw is yet to take place as I write this, as Southport and Sheffield Wednesday trade goals, what I will say is thankfully there is a ten day gap to the replay, meaning the memory of yesterdays mind numbing showing will have all but faded, hopefully replaced by some FA Cup optimism that these two sides will serve up a bit more entertainment second time around.

For the second week in a row we find ourselves bemoaning a refereeing performance – the two sending off decisions were woeful, really poor. Most of the time the sort of challenge Christian Jolley made wouldn’t even justify a free-kick, for those of you who couldn’t make it the highlights on ITV didn’t quite capture the level of astonishment in the ground when the referee pulled out a red card.

Ebbsfleet’s Carew was equally unfortunate to go minutes later. Booked for a quite cynical tugback on Yussuff as the Dons looked to break early on, he then found himself picking up a second yellow for blocking a quick Dons free-kick. Yet he made no movement to block the ball, he just happened to have got back to his feet after the initial foul right in the path of where Moore intended the ball to go. His only crime seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time just when the referee was looking to make up for his earlier error – because subconciously at least I’m sure thats the only reason he was so keen to level up the sides.

Ten versus ten should have made more of a game of it, the contest was drab and uneventful up to that point. Both sides had gone close – Sebb Brown had to be alert to beat out a free kick from range, and Jolley had just got too much on the ball trying to divert a Sam Hatton header into the net. Ebbsfleet played two up front, relying on Shakes and Willock to make something happen, but they were too isolated and their midfield unadventurous.

At the other end it wasn’t really clicking for Wimbledon, while Jolley started well on the left,  Jackson repeatedly gave up possession on the other flank. Jacksons perfmorance was annoying in that he was up against Derek Duncan, a player who we all know loves a rash challenge now and again, and you felt he only had to knock it past him once to get him on a yellow and he would have been in his pocket all afternoon.


And this is how far I got with my Ebbsfleet match report. I had plenty left to write albeit about a very dull game of football, but by this stage the draw for the second round was made, and all of a sudden a very large shadow was cast over this seasons FA Cup campaign. Shortly after, and in a completely unconnected incident, a large mirror fell off the wall downstairs taking out the phone socket and with it my broadband connection, until now…

I’ll put my thoughts into word shortly, in the mean time apologies to anyone dropping by expecting a full Ebbsfleet match report, maybe I should have found time to write it last night after all…

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