Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Room To Breathe

Amidst all the hype its easy to forget we have a very important League game at Altrincham tonight. So easy, in fact, that I actually did forget, this preview should really have been knocked out last night, not the afternoon of the game… The Dons can return to the top of the Conference thanks to Crawleys inactivity, and is it too much to ask for three points? Away from the pressure of Kingsmeadow, at places like Altrincham and Barrow where Dons fans will be measured in their hundreds rather than thousands, it gives the squad a little room to breathe.

In fact I’ll go as far as suggest Terry can even afford to experiment a little. Altricham have put together a little run of late, but they are bottom of the league for a reason and surely its not too much to ask to expect three points? A four point haul from these two away games would be perfectly acceptable and go a long way towards turning our form back towards the electric performances earlier in the season.

I won’t be going to either, thanks to a complete lack of holiday left for me to travel tonight, combined with Barrow clashing with my birthday – for the second year in succession. So the next week or so will see less action and more reaction on this blog, starting with a quick game update tomorrow…