Barrow, Barrow, Barrow…

Not much of a match preview on this one, to be honest I’m currently amidst writing a WUP column, which if all goes to plan you will be able to read at the Kettering game, in which I make up for the datedness of material by only using my A-grade stuff…

And it won’t be much of a match report either, as I won’t be going to the game (clashes with my birthday…). Because of this I’m planning on doing something different – a live blog. I think this might be the first time in Wimbledon football history anyone has attempted a live blog based solely around a radio transmission… but why not??? It’ll be a laugh. And if it’s not a laugh, I’m sure it’ll be a… something… At very least it could be the first instance of a blog that jumped the shark, but its hard to keep up these days with gimmicky rivals such as Maliniok’s blog (written in Polish) or SW19’s (surely the biggest cheat of all as I’m sure fan writing isn’t supposed to actually be readable…).

So come tomorrow at 2.30pm, pull up your computer, crack open a beer, log on to iPlough Lane in one window and keep the Anonymous Don open in another… or just read back after 5PM to catch up with what the fuss isn’t about…

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