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Is anybody else thinking the last thing we really need right now, as players and supporters lick their wounds after a demoralising defeat, is the visit of bona fide title challengers Luton? Who themselves had a bit of a result at the weekend, holding Charlton away from home. Confidence must be high in their camp, I would imagine Luton fans right now would find it difficult to believe they won’t go on and win the title, regardless of what ourselves or Crawley get up to. Add to this a minor defensive problem, and things aren’t looking too good for the Dons.

There is a flip side to the coin, that now might be the best time to face Luton, our boys could rebound and take an unlikely victory… it’s a bit unlikely, but it seems to be the thought process Terry Brown is taking. Quite right too, although the biggest impact that doubt might have on the game is whether it actually goes ahead. I have to say as I’m sitting here writing this, with the knowledge the forecasted temperature isn’t going to rise above freezing before kick off swirling around my head, I really can’t see myself at Kingsmeadow tomorrow night. Or any of us for that matter. Especially as I’ve not long got in from outside.

Should there be some kind of miracle, such as the Cambridge Estate going up in flames again and the resulting heat wafting across the pitch and raising the temperature just enough to keep the pitch thawed, then you don’t have to necessarily fall into the pessimists camp to realise taking anything from the game is going to be a big ask. Brown is playing cagey with his pre-match comments, to the point you wonder (or hope…) that he feels confident as he has a plan up his sleeve…

TAD’s predicted Dons line up;

Brown; Hatton, Bush, Franks, Yakubu; Yussuff, Moore S, Wellard; Moore L, Kedwell, Jackson

A rare prediction – The Dons will take the game 2-0 (when it eventually gets played some time in March…)

ALMOST IMMEDIATE UPDATE – Just as I posted this, the news came through that a 7PM pitch inspection resulted in the game being postponed. There you go, Terrys plan worked a treat…

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