Its been a busy week for the Dons, and pre-Xmas duties mean I’m not as up to date as I’d like, so before I kick on with the Wrexham preview, lets go over a few events of the week… Firstly, the Trophy draw. A local derby against a team from the division below us should be a cause for excitement, especially against a side we haven’t actually played a competitive game against for a good few decades. Woking will be fancying their chances too, coming as it does in the midst of the month from hell as far as fixtures are concerned.

Yet… it is winnable. We could have had much worse. Away a team in our division that has serious ambitions to win the thing for one, particularly if injuries and suspensions kick in. The Trophy is a target this year, and if we have ambitions to go all the way we can’t be afraid of losing to Woking. We have some decent fringe players, perhaps not the strength in depth of Luton or Crawley, but enough to provide relief for tired and unavailable players in games such as this. As I’ve said before, a good run in the Trophy should be no barrier to clinching a playoff place (or even, lets dream, a title challenge…). The only problem is we can’t choose when the rounds are scheduled.

We do however, presumably have some kind of input as to when rearranged league games are played, which just makes the announcement we will play Luton at Kingsmeadow on January 11th seem all the more bizaare. Presumably thats when Luton wanted it, the Conference agreed, and that was us over a barrel… Still, we have to get on with it. But it won’t be easy, long trips have a habit of catching up with tired young players, the only benefit being that once we get the York game out of the way, thats the worst of it done and dusted.

A very young Dons side (and Jon Main) overcame Dulwich Hamlet in the LSC on Tuesday, thanks to a late goal from the aforementioned Main. Am I the only person who considers this (and the SSC) quite an important tournament for our younger players in terms of gaining experience. The LSC is especially winnable, Dulwich providing the stiffest opposition the competition has to offer… Unfortunately a longer match report is not possible as I couldn’t get to the game. I haven’t been feeling too well this week, and lets just say I didn’t want to put myself in a situation where I couldn’t guarantee a high quality of bathroom facilities… I’ve had a couple of photo finishes just getting too and from work…

Which brings us round to Wrexham. Last seasons home tie provided one of the more exciting finishes seen in recent years, partially thanks to an extraordinary performance by Dons fans favourite Frank Sinclair which involved him completing the unwanted hat trick of own goal, conceded penalty and red card. Well, unwanted by Fat Frank, anyway… We’ll certainly be hoping for a repeat performance, yet the pre-match build up has taken an annoyingly weather related turn. The pitch is covered, but those (like me) who had the pleasant experience of an icy sleet-filled wind in their face on the journey home from work will know, that might not be enough.

For that reason, the match preview will be curtailed. That and I have some present wrapping to do. Heres hoping we get a chance to play our first league game in nearly a month come Saturday… And now its snowing…

One thought on “Catchup

  1. Rabidbarfly says:

    great piece, I was at the Dulwich game and it took about 45 mins to get thawed out after the game. it was a decent enough match, if Dulwich were the stiffest opposition in the comp then we shouldn’t have a problem.
    We do need to work on the final ball though and the ‘bite’ in midfield that the first team seem to be lacking at the moment seems also to be lacking in the reserves too.
    Stand out performances from the Dons came in the shape of Ed Harris & Charlie Girdler in defence. Andre Blackman looked ok going forward but none to hot actually AT left back Richie Whitingham looked lively on the left until half time when he was subbed. Nokkers looked good but needs to finish better and Jack Turner in goal had a decent game, one for the future definately.

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