Xmas Eve Eve

Hands up if you’re pissed off with snow and would happily go a lifetime without seeing another flake? Yeah, me too. Snow used to be our friend. It used to let us behave like children for a couple of days, engaging in post-pub snowball fights and even occasionally gifting us a free day off work – before our employers wised up in January, forcing us to accept ‘snow days’ as unpaid holiday or trek through the deep drifts (or even worse, the three-inch slush which has already sent me sliding down the street a couple of times in a manner that suggests the Holidays could be spent in traction if I’m no careful). Even then, it was hard not to break into a grin two weeks ago when we flung open our curtains to find a blanket of white stuff welcoming us.

But now snow has gone too far – snow has fucked with football. And, indirectly, my blog. Plus to a lesser extent, Christmas. Now that’s just not on. Two weeks ago we lost the Luton game and we celebrated (well, some of us did). York was a bit more of a bummer as more of us had train tickets that subsequently went to waste. But then Saturday came and went with no football possible, and we find ourselves in the strange situation of going into Christmas without playing a league fixture for well over a month… Yet somehow we are still top of the League!

The impending fixture backlog is a worry, but slightly soothed by the fact none of our rivals could fit in a fixture either. The problem as I see it rescheduled games in a short space of time will only be a benefit to those clubs who can boast great strength in-depth i.e. Luton, i.e. Crawley, i.e. not AFC Wimbledon. Can anyone see us reaching the end of January still top of the league? Apart from via the likely scenario of every league game until then being postponed?

One person who is having great difficulty seeing the Dons top the table is, you’ve guessed it, Steve Evans. Despite predictions that Crawley’s financial might would see them eventually overhaul the Dons and run out of sight with Luton, that hasn’t happened yet. Despite this, Evans still feels the need to broadcast his opinions on a regular basis, and his latest utterings have outlined his radical opinion that he feels, erm, Luton and Crawley would run away with it. Far from causing the Dons any problems, by telling people exactly what they think is going to happen will happen, surely he’s just piling the pressure on his own side?

As it goes the Dons have a winnable Christmas period, and could at least make it to the New Year still in pole position. I’m not suggesting either Hayes or Eastbourne are mugs, Eastbourne gave us a game back in August and we all know how difficult a place Hayes is for visiting Dons sides. But these are games sides with ambitions of promotion will win. A seven point haul is a conservative ambition under the circumstances.

As for coverage from this here blog, well I’m away over Xmas – not the States this time, but glamorous Doncaster for holidays with family which will curtail both my enjoyment of Hayes away (i.e. I won’t be there) and the subsequent match report (there won’t be one). I’ll be back in time for Eastbourne though, so until then have a great Xmas, heres hoping we’re all celebrating with three points come Boxing Day.

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