Daily Archives: January 15, 2011


The Dons crashed out of the Trophy at the Third Second Round stage after being outfought by limited but hardworking midtable Blue Square North South side Workington Woking. Despite goals from much maligned forward Nathan Elder Mark Nwokeji and inspirational skipper Danny Kedwell, the home team slipped to a 2-3 reverse, while pushing for the winner were caught by a sucker punch four three minutes from time.

Seriously though, I had more than a sense of deja vu after that one. The Dons only managed five victories in the league and the Workington Debacle became a turning point in our season last term. A repeat performance would be very hard to stomach. We know the squad is young, and young players make mistakes, and perhaps the squad have done themselves no favours by having as good a start they had as it has only gone to raise expectations. Perhaps we could have accepted a poorer start picking up as the season went on, knowing that it was taking a step backwards to move forwards.

Some of us are walking around in the mistaken belief we are bona fide title contenders. The problem is, when I say ‘some of us’ I get the impression that includes one or two of those on the field today. Confidence and self-belief are one thing but the starting line-up today, easily good enough to overcome Woking, looked as though they thought merely stepping onto the pitch would be enough to see them into the next round.

I’m more than angry right now – still, several hours after the game has finished – and to be honest I don’t want to waste any more of my precious weekend writing about it. Hopefully I’ll be a little more focused when I come to preview the Fleetwood game, and boy do our players owe us something out of that…