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I hate moving house. Hate it. And who could blame me, as I prepare for my fourth move in less than two years… hopefully the last one for a while. And contrary to rumours being spread (rumours, admittedly, that I started myself thanks to my overly dramatic announcement in a late 2010 issue of WUP…), I am actually moving to Hampton. That’s Hampton, Middx, otherwise known as Trumpton, definitely not Richmond, a mere well-aimed stones throw from Beavertown. While this won’t be news to regular readers (both of you), the move to New Hampshire was called off pre-Xmas. It was the economic climate that lead to a last-minute change of plans (although the actual climate at the moment isn’t much better – its rare that ‘snow falls in place that gets lots of snow’ becomes newsworthy even in a slow UK media week).

While I’m on the subject, and to add one of those annoying ‘almost forgot’ paragraphs that was obviously added well after the main body of the article was written and therefore doesn’t quite scan, my moving house business means the Anonymous Don response to whatever happens on Saturday, in the absence of broadband (or any type of internet connection), will have to wait until Monday… I know, I know, no change… 

It will be at least three years until I try to emigrate again, which means I have a good three seasons of watching the Dons. Right now that sounds more curse than blessing. Actually I did consider finally making the trip up to Kitkat Crescent on Tuesday before sanity (and the requirement to ensure food is on the table come the end of the month) took hold. Its become the one ground I HAVE to visit at some point, the holy grail, even more so after my two abortive attempts at the original fixtures this season and last, and if anything as a true football geek the fact we seem destined to always take a hammering at York has added to my desire.

Ever the optimist, lets examine the positives of last nights ‘performance’. We didn’t concede five for a start. We actually managed a goal this time around. As far as I’m aware no Dons fans were labelled ‘wankers’ by a Don, goalkeeper or otherwise. And… it makes a great deal of sense to allow our rivals to run away with the victory, lulling them into a false sense of security in order to nick a victory in the return a week on Saturday.

And now the negatives… well I haven’t got the time or inclination to list every gripe of those actually in attendance. Lets just say if you thought your mood was low after last weeks second half capitulation at Bath, this Wednesday took it to a whole new level. I was actually in quite a good mood on my way home from work last night, my head full of dreams of us winning comfortably, before going on to put up a decent fight against the Crawley machine for the title, keeping Luton at arm’s length and finishing a comfortable second.

In reality a glance at the table this morning suggests we’ll be lucky to finish down in fourth. And yet… This Dons squad have bounced back before. They bounced back after a heavy defeat at Luton. They went eight games unbeaten following a dismal reverse up at Barrow. And they have the ability to do so now. Our schedule over the next month or so is starting to look a little more realistic, albeit we face a number of genuine playoff contenders in that time. The Saturday/Tuesday/Saturday madness is calming down once more. A win on Saturday and the York debacle will be forgotten.

There are of course reasons for the defeat. As mentioned after the Gateshead game I consider it a near miracle that we managed to go the whole month of January without defeat. Fatigue was bound to catch up with them. These are reasons, rather than excuses, as some have suggested. The difference being if we were trotting those lines out with an expensively assembled squad struggling in lower mid-table, rather than a genuinely talented group of youngsters brought in on a comparative shoestring. I sometimes read back through the WUP guestbook and have to double-check to make sure I haven’t navigated my way to the Cambridge forum in error…

I suppose my badly made point is… and I know it goes against the naturally pessimistic nature of football fans in general, and Dons fans in particular, but we aren’t having a bad season here. Yes we seem to lack a Plan B on occasions. There certainly doesn’t seem to be enough bite in midfield for my liking, and despite Jolley’s goals of late we are desperately reliant on Danny Kedwell. We are also have the incredible good fortune of possessing perhaps the biggest goalkeeping prospect outside the Football League, in my biased opinion. But how many of us would have suggested we would be averaging nearly two points a game after the thirty game mark?

I would love to be able to analyse our strengths and weaknesses in detail, later in the season I might get my chance. Perhaps acknowledging the general malaise REPD referred to over on SW19 earlier this week relating to the strength of Dons related writing at the moment, I’ve got to admit with only limited time to write I feel no shame in admitting I’m going to concentrate on the positives. Let’s at least wait for us to fail before we start the inquisition.

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