Heard You Were Dead

Still no home internet… I’m having to squeeze this update in between setting up bills at the new place, and actually doing some work – doubly important as I have the next couple of days off. I was actually surprised when I moved in to find Hampton is actually a really nice place to live, and it quickly became apparent this is down to the fact that absolutely none of my neighbours have any interest whatsoever in the football club down the road. As I long suspected, the Beavers are forced to bus in the mentally baffled from other areas…

I am in some ways fortunate the Dons don’t have a fixture this week, this blog has rarely found itself updated during slow weeks, and I’m sure many regular readers haven’t really noticed any difference (although you could be an occasional visitor here and still qualify for the tag ‘regular reader’ of late…). One thing I have noticed is TB’s decision to allow certain players a spell out on loan. The poor quality of opposition in the Suburban League means we have little option but ship first teamers in need of game time out to local clubs in the lower divisions.

Naturally Jack Turner needs game time in order to progress, Ed Harris moving temporarily has betrayed the fact Fraser Franks has finally edged the battle between the two. But its Nwokeji that is the really interesting one. A striker, scoring goals and in form, the fact he is being allowed away suggests we might be seeing some action in bringing in a new striker once we have passed 18th February, the day we can sign a player and still have them available for the playoff final.

Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll get my broadband back and might find time to talk of such events in greater depth…

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