Castle Rock

I have found out the answer to the question ‘Just how difficult is it to support AFC Wimbledon without access to the internet outside the workplace?’, the answer to which depends on exactly how much detail you require. For example, the build up to the York game involved me checking BBC text for team news (which I quickly discovered is probably the same as its web-based equivalent, and therefore most likely wrong…). And that was it. I’m outside the catchment area of South London Press, so no newspaper coverage for me.

This has been all well and good, so far. Mrs AD is now back in the country, we have been busying ourselves making our new flat look all nice, so even if I had a broadband connection I doubt much blogging would have been done so far… Unfortunately it seems the delay in getting a phone line will be longer than I expected, and while I have a few irons in the fire I can’t promise much output until then…

But perhaps more importantly, it leaves me in a bit of an information vacuum. Not travelling to Tamworth on Saturday, I’ll be pulling my normal trip of going to the cinema while the game is on. A quick text on the way out should reveal the score, I’ll be able to view a short and probably wildly inaccurate match report as well as the league table on my return home on the aforementioned BBC red button. Then on Sunday if I can be bothered to make it down to the paper shop and hand over actual cash for a copy of the NLP (which I’m becoming increasingly reluctant to do, and not just for the usual laziness/tight-fisted combo). And that’s it for me, until I hit the office on Monday morning…

Which is a shame really, as this is an intriguing time to be a Dons fan. A win on Saturday will see the Dons pull quite a lead over Crawley, ignoring momentarily the million games in hand they have over us. We are doing what I expect of a Dons side, and that is making Crawley sweat for it. I want to be immersed in it, to catch every rumour and morsel of gossip as soon as it hits the grapevine. Who is this new strikers supposedly signing tomorrow? Perhaps I would be as clueless as I am now, but at least scouring the web for possible news and finding nothing would give me the satisfaction of knowing nothing big had happened without my knowledge…

Was it really only ten short years ago that I managed to happily exist without internet, mobile phone, comfortable with just the five tv channels? It makes you wonder what progress will occur in the next ten years? Will we have the ability to watch Dons game live via our  mobiles anywhere in the world? Who knows, and right now who cares… to be honest the only reason I’m writing now is to assure you all I’m not lying in a ditch somewhere…

Heres hoping I find the time to knock out a match report or two next week…

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