Things Change

So Terry Brown has finally got his man. Or perhaps more accurately, a man. It seems obvious Drewe Broughton wasn’t Terry’s first choice, his very public courting of Danny Hylton giving the game away, but what with big forwards coming at a premium Terry has decided to act and bring the big guy in despite his, erm, baggage.

I’ve always thought we were the sort of club who would happily forgive and forget any previous transgressions a new player may have made, providing their attitude was right and they gave it their best shot. Jamie Stuart has a drugs ban and court appearance under his belt, I haven’t seen it mentioned by Dons fans anywhere. Fair enough, he was a young player when he picked up his ban, and was cleared of all charges relating to his on-field assault allegations (although as we saw last week York fans haven’t quite forgiven him…).

Drewe Broughton’s circumstances are slightly different. To be fair to him, with the amount of lower division clubs he has represented over the years it was statistically likely he would have turned out for Them at some time. Lets face it, we all know footballers are a little different to your average fan. For us our club is everything. But we all remember that brilliant kid we went to school with (everyone had one), the guy who couldn’t quite remember whether he was supposed to be supporting Manchester United or Liverpool but was first choice when picking teams. Thats what the majority of footballers are genuinely like. Christ, some non-league players I’ve had the dubious privilege of working with have great difficultly remembering which team they are playing for, let alone the opponents or competition. I’m not saying all footballers are thick… it’s just they have a different mind frame to us.

The likes of Danny Kedwell or Sam Hatton might seem to be the living embodiment of our club at the moment, but lets face it, if they had been offered a chance up the M1 before they came to us, the lure of League football would have kicked in, I doubt they would have thought twice about it. The politics of the game are a world away from a life when playing the game and earning a living are all important, especially in a climate when lower division journeymen can’t be sure exactly where their next contract is coming from.

And yet… he has earned money playing for a club we consider to be against everything we stand for. In our world, I can understand feelings would run high. I get why many would feel we would have been better signing someone else, or if no-one else was available, sticking with what we have. Yet he is with us now. A step has been taken, not necessarily a step forward, but a step all the same.

And he will be given a chance by Dons fans, the vast majority of Dons fans at least. But if things don’t go well for him, if he doesn’t find his feet immediately, the support will disappear quicker than you can say ‘The White Nathan Elder’. The aforementioned Stuart fitted like a glove, no-one is questioning the past of a guy who puts in performances like he does… they mans the beast our back four was crying out for (I’m even unsettled being in the same stadium as him)… an example Broughton would do well to take notice of…

The other question relates to what sort of role he will play over the next three months. Is he here simply to take the pressure off Kedwell, to relieve him from the bench and fill in when the skipper takes a well-earned rest? Surely he won’t feature as the wide player in a three, unless Terry fancies taking a leaf out of the Welly mans boots and implementing the Flo Pass? And if we ever need to switch to a 442, wouldn’t we have been better pairing Keds with someone who scores goals like Nwokeji? I really can’t see us going 442 and taking a man out of midfield against Wrexham or Grimsby in coming weeks…

Answers are sure to follow, starting tomorrow at Tamworth… a trip I unfortunately cannot make. Guaranteed the new guy will have a storming game followed by weeks of indifference, leaving all of us who aren’t travelling wondering why those that do are making such a fuss…

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