So what have I missed? Five goals including one on his debut by our new loan ex-Franchise hitman, putting us six points and five games clear of the monied ones… beyond that, of course, I have no idea… I read what passes for a report on the BBC and bought the NLP but that’s it – no skirting the internet all Saturday evening trying to gauge the performance by comments made on a guestbook. And do you know what… I’m looking forward to tonight’s game a lot more because of it.

Tonight’s game is big, with Crawley surely nailed on to beat Southport, if we have any realistic aim of winning the League we need all three points tonight. The points to games in hand ratio is in Crawleys favour at the moment and we can’t let that situation improve. What I want to see is Crawley coming out of their four game home stand in no better position than they are at the moment. That’ll be a huge kick in the teeth for them, and make them realise they are in a battle, and will need to earn their reportedly large wages.

This is a huge ask for Wimbledon. This Wimbledon squad in particular. And I know its far more likely we will find ourselves heading back from Grimsby on Saturday week all but out of the race, but our young players have overachieved all season, why not live the dream while we still can and hope they can somehow battle on for another couple of months?

Last seasons game between these two sides produced one of the more entertaining games we saw as our first season in the division rumbled to a close (a big thanks once more to Fat Frank for his side-splitting performance…), this season it looks more a battle of potential play-off rivals… Off-field problems may yet intervene, as Wrexham fans look towards the bigger picture. Getting away from home may have appealed after taking a hammering at home at the weekend, and you wonder how their players will react tonight. Naturally the Wrexham situation is something I wouldn’t have minded commenting on further, with limited time all I want to say is I regardless of what has passed I hope we as a club will always be willing to assist when asked, no matter who the club is, or who they have been involved with in the past… well, with one possible exception…

Talking of Them, the Broughton situation, or more accurately our reaction to him as a fanbase, should be a lot clearer after tonight. He may have scored at the weekend but this will be the first time the majority get a chance to see the value in the signing… as I mentioned on Friday the jury will stay out a lot longer for him than he might be expecting… while I would have prefered a different forward (or no new forward at all…) now he’s here I will be generally supportive – but reserve the right to change my mind at very short notice should the gamble not pay off (and it is a huge gamble…). Plus from what I can make out there are a few of you out there with no desire to stay on the fence…

All things considered, we are set for an interesting night at the Meadow…

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