Time And Again

A few quick thoughts about last night.

First, no-one who has watched Wimbledon this season could claim that result was in any way surprising. On another day we might have clicked and won the game, but this result would have come sooner or later anyway, perhaps at Grimsby, although lets face it we could have seen a similar result had we not had that little bit of luck against Fleetwood and York…

Yet Wimbledon currently find themselves in such a strong position because of a consistent knack of bouncing back after disappointments like last night. It’s counterintuitive that such a young side (albeit now bolstered by a few older heads) should consistently show such spirit… defeats at Kidderminster and Luton should have seen a spell of poor results follow, with the Dons dropping to a more realistic position battling for a playoff place, yet that just hasn’t happened, which is a credit to this group of players. I don’t think any of us are pretending they are currently as good as Crawley’s League One standard squad, or Luton’s experience, but they have kept it going for long enough.

 What we all fear is our form collapsing at the worst possible time, entering the playoffs. We should be grateful we have a couple of winnable looking fixtures coming up, the one area we have been faultless is putting away sides in the bottom half. I think I saw recently a stat we are picking up over 2.5 points a game against the strugglers, which gives us a decent base to build a promotion push. Yet promotion itself will be won in games against our promotion rivals, quite literally if it comes down to the playoffs, and it’s fixtures such as last night where question marks still remain.

Expectations, including my own, have been sent through the roof by our consistent results to date. I wonder how much more together we would be if we had suffered a spell of indifferent form earlier in the campaign and were now hovering on the fringe of the playoff places, ready for a big push. That crashing noise you might have heard at about a quarter to ten last night were our title hopes going out of the window, the rest of the season will be about picking up results, getting a finish that will give us a preferable playoff semi-final, and making sure we are ready for May, and as far as I can see that’s not a bad situation to be in.

2 thoughts on “Time And Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shades of 2008/09 season with respect to beating struggling teams. Hopefully (doff cap to Football Gods) with s similar result at the end.

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