Very Quickly…

Just a few short comments about recent events…

  • My enforced blogging absence is frustrating, my inability to make away games even more so. Having said that I am glad that I couldn’t make Hayes on Tuesday, as by all accounts I missed very little…
  • On hearing we are only getting 600 tickets for Crawley I’m seriously debating not even trying to get one of our tickets. The Kingsmeadow bar is looking a decent option…
  • He kicked an owl? Seriously?
  • Relaunch date for this blog is 1st April. No, seriously… I wont get my broadband back until then…

One thought on “Very Quickly…

  1. Hong Kong Garden says:

    It’s worse than 600. Only 478 tickets in the town end terrace as half of that terrace is going to Crawley! (The remaining 122 tickets are main stand seats).

    As the Gatwick Globetrotters are now getting 4,000 on the back of their Cup run, it’s going to be very, very difficult to get tickets.

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