Find Some Form, Dons

Bearing in mind I’m suffering a chronic lack of internet availability at the moment, I thought it best if I didn’t waste any of my precious time online writing about the chronic disappointment that was the Kidderminster game. The problem is I would’ve had to write during my lunch break at work – my employment involves working in the technical department for a shower manufacturer, I spend the majority of my day writing to people explaining why their expensively assembled product is not performing as expected, I had no inclination to repeat the exercise here during the one hour of free time I get during daylight hours… 

Instead I’ll turn my attentions to Friday… A friend recently asked me whether I was going to watch the comedy on the telly on Friday, I replied I was actually planning on watching the Dons on Premier Sport – but it turned out that’s what he actually meant… Having said that there will be one fat clown with a red nose appearing on my screen on Friday night, and he has been busy bigging up the ‘potential title deciding clash’ with all the intensity of someone who has just been told by the marketing team the game hasn’t sold out yet.

If you can’t be bothered to click on the link you’ll be relieved to hear its the usual Steve Evans rubbish, two weeks after we officially took our ball and went home. Presumably after explaining exactly why defeat on Friday will kill our ‘title hopes’ he went on to explain to the reporter which religion the Pope observes and where exactly your average grizzly goes when it needs to take a dump. Unless I’m being too precious, Evans behaves like this before every game, and I only notice when he mentions the Dons – presumably he used his Monday press interview to inform Garry Haylock that Hayes had no chance of catching his side, and couldn’t cope with the strength in-depth of his Crawley squad (presumably their recent large increase in attendances are partly due to all those non suited players sitting in the stands every week?).

Terry Brown isn’t being fooled though, although I would pull him up on his comment that ‘anywhere between 2nd and 5th will do…’. I wouldn’t want a two leg playoff against Luton… If we failed to achieve a 13 point haul from here on in we wouldn’t deserve to contest the playoffs, but while we look at our own problems we fail to notice what is happening at the clubs around us. Fair enough, Kidderminster have been on a hot streak over the last couple of months but can they really sustain it until the last week of April and beyond into the playoffs? How many of the playoff chasers will stay consistent from now until the end of the season? Two, maybe three, but certainly not all of them. They will suffer patchy form, right now we can find some consolation in the fact that’s what is happening to us right now, which might, might, just allow us to find some form in time for when it really matters.

Considering this, you have to question exactly how important tomorrow night is for us. I think my judgement has been clouded by knowing for quite a long time I won’t be going, but nothing will be decided by this fixture. Don’t get me wrong, visiting the leaders in a sold out game (sort of…) on tv (erm…) is always going to be one of the biggest games of the year… and a victory could be huge for us. It could reignite our season. But a defeat won’t be the end of the world and won’t be the end of our promotion chances either. Three defeats in a row won’t make for pretty reading, but you get the impression that whatever happens now will pale into insignificance compared to the events of April onwards…

 PS – my new phone line is supposed to be installed on Saturday, so hopefully normal blog service will be resumed very shortly…

2 thoughts on “Find Some Form, Dons

  1. Iain_SW17 says:

    I see Evans is being his usual gracious self then, eh? His attempt at mind games is actually quite amusing considering its in a local paper that barely anyone would read.

    As for picking the Wimbledon side and formation beforehand, maybe he could talk us through the evening of the 23rd September as it didn’t seem to do him much good did it?

  2. maliniok says:

    Good to see you’re alive! Let me know if you’re planning to go to Backenham town on Tuesday so we can arrange to go together. Going from Hayes to Bromley I can surely pick you up somewhere on the way!

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