It’s frustrating, even when you expect a defeat, when said defeat eventually comes its ten times harder to take. If I had been at Crawley tonight, I’m not sure how I would have coped, presumably found a rock next to the A23 to crawl under. I’m trying to take some solace from the words I wrote yesterday, but right now all I can do is think ‘4 points from 18’, and ‘three straight defeats’, and more worrying ‘Wimbledon couldn’t string three passes together after the third goal went in’…

We might be second in the table right now, we might stay second for at least another week, but it’s looking very likely we will drop below Luton unless their Trophy run inspires a league collapse of Wimbledon proportions. Wrexham will go above us if they win their games in hand. York are starting to look threatening. Hell, even Rushden will start to fancy their chances of overhauling us if they beat us next week…

You almost wish we had a league game on Tuesday night, just to give the squad a chance of bouncing back, not allowing the defeat to dwell on people’s minds… I’m not really worried about the players, its us supporters who will end up tearing ourselves apart.

I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between now and earlier in the campaign. I was sitting watching the game, and even when we were a goal down and looking like we were getting on top, I was just thinking how tired some of our players looked. Not physically tired of course, I know there have been a few raised eyebrows (and not just among Wimbledon fans) regarding TB’s constant references to how tired his squad are. Maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t really there, but the benefit of TV close-ups was seeing some of our players looking like the season has taken its toll mentally.

We know these young players have talent, we know if they get some form together they will be a side that no-one wants to face in the playoffs. Thats a given, they proved that during the first half of the season. But right now the opposite is true. Ask a Luton or Wrexham fan and I guarantee you’ll have difficulty finding one fearing us.

These are tough times for Wimbledon fans. I find myself trying to stay positive despite the circumstances, yet we have no form to speak of at the moment, our only hope is we string a few results together and build a bit of confidence going into when it really matters. And yet… TB is going to have to find an answer to a question that has nagged during his Wimbledon career, even during the success of his first two seasons, in that in terms of form we seem to end on more of a whimper than a bang. If he can’t we may find ourselves falling away once again.

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