General Update V12.4.11

Forgive me, I’m having difficulties coming up with titles for posts of late… I went through a spell of using random Bluetones song titles for a while, then whatever episode of cult US comedy series Arrested Development seemed vaguely appropriate. Today I’ve given up. I used to have a running title for these type of ‘general update’ posts, but the tabloid headline writer I used to have chained up in my loft sadly died of a broken cliché, so whatever you see above will do until I come up with something snappier.

I suppose I’d better welcome you to the newly relaunched Anonymous Don blog, but it feels a little like inviting someone round for dinner the day after you’ve moved house… there’s still boxes in the corner and the pictures haven’t been hung yet… Hopefully something like normal presentation will be resumed very shortly, until then I’ll at least make the effort to update the links a little later.

Moving on to the purpose of this post, and a massive congratulations go out to Marcus Gayle and the reserves for lifting the Suburban League title. Of course, a club like AFC Wimbledon should be entering a second string in a higher standard of competition than the Suburban League, an example of our performance on the field outstripping progress off it. This has meant fringe players like Reece Jones or Mark Nwokeji have been farmed out for spells at lower division clubs in order to keep up match fitness.

The benefit to this has been the ability of Marcus to hold together a squad of young players and work on their game without constantly having to make room for uninterested first teamers in need of fitness… and every so often that hard work will bring through a real gem. Chris Hussey, Kennedy Adjei and Ryan Jackson have already progressed in this manner, with Brendan Kiernan the most recent to progress following his debut at Crawley and new contract for next season.

Hopefully I’ll get to see a few more of the boys in next weeks LSC semi final against Hendon at Kingsmeadow. The prospects of playing in front of a decent crowd has been improved by the clubs sensible decision to slash ticket prices to a fiver, with kids going free – all the more appropriate during school holidays, so hopefully we will se a crowd at least in the high three figures.

While I’m on the subject of Crawley, I suppose I should grudgingly offer congratulations to the champions. All the more so if they actually take points off Luton this evening, which will place the destiny of second place in the division back into our hands.Yes, the difference between second and third in this division means little more than the satisfaction of knowing you would have won the title had it not been for Crawley and their millions (in no way bitter…). In fact history doesn’t favour the side that finishes second – only Hereford in 2006 have gone on to win the playoffs after finishing as runners-up – I’m hoping this is more statistical anomaly than curse…

 While I’m on the subject of the playoffs, I found out some personally devastating news this morning… my employers decided not to accept my holiday request for the first Thursday and Friday in May, meaning I now have an unhealthy desire to see Kidderminster finish in the appropriate position to earn a tie against the Dons – the later departure time might work in my favour if I can somehow wangle a half day…

In the mean time, despite allowing myself a little self loathing that I’m not the carefree young Anonymous Don I was twenty years ago for example, when I bunked a day at school to catch the coach to Goodison Park for an FA Cup 3rd Round replay (worth it, we won). Instead I spent the day seething at UEFA and their stupid rule dictating televised games can’t clash with their all-important Champions League – I can just see all those armchair fans turning off Ronaldo, Messi and co in order to catch the silky skills on show at the Racecourse Ground or Aggborough…

Then it struck me who the real villains were. The only problem with the games clashing is because they are on TV, and the only reason they are on TV is – step forward our favourite broadcaster, Premier Sports. The worlds worst football TV deal just keeps claiming victims…

3 thoughts on “General Update V12.4.11

  1. Dan says:

    Nonsense. The away game at Luton had great support. What we lacked in numbers we made up in voice. Couldn’t even hear the Hatters as belted out “It could be worse, we could live in Luton…” for the umpteenth time!

  2. Hong Kong Garden says:

    Your employers are bad people and could jeopardise our promotion chances!!!

    Don’t want people going to Kingsmeadow to watch it on TV, we need numbers and big singing at whatever northern venue we go to on Thursday or Friday. Unless there’s a very good reason not to.

    Luton away on a Friday this season still rankles, it was immensely disappointing support (a measly 600 fans for a 30 minute train journey from St Pancakes) and that support, I reckon, clearly transmitted itself to the pitch.

    • anonymousdon says:

      Agreed HKG. The Luton away support appeared more like 600 frazzled and confused commuters who had somehow stumbled off the train and into a football ground…

      At least those who do travel will have plenty of time in the train/coach/car to get in the mood for making some noise!

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