Daily Archives: April 25, 2011

Locked In

So the playoff positions have been pretty much decided after todays round of matches, and ignoring the ongoing Wrexham saga it seems the Dons will travel to Fleetwood for the semi-final first leg, while Wrexham entertain Luton – unless Wrexham manage to defeat Luton by a mere sixteen goals, in which case they would have more than earned their second leg home advantage.

Fleetwood are going to be tough, let’s make no mistake about that, but it could have been worse – much worse. In order to progress to the playoff final we’ll either need to remain unbeaten against a strong Fleetwood side over four games this season, or run up a big victory in one of the games. A repeat of our league encounters would be nice, the Dons gaining a draw up at Highbury before winning the return thanks to a fortunate late goal.

Wimbledon did enough today, with nine changes to the starting lineup it was never going to be a free-flowing performance. We now have the chance to play a stronger side against Grimsby, our final chance to prepare. A victory would be nice, of course, but merely getting through without any injuries is probably Terry Browns main concern.

Saturday will round off a fantastic season for us, second place is an unbelieveable return from what should have been a rebuilding period. Against Grimsby we get a chance to celebrate what was achieved… and it is worth celebrating. But May brings with it the opportunity to take another step towards gaining back part of what was rightfully ours, and we have every chance of doing so. Enjoy Saturday, as it will be the last chance this season you can relax and watch a game, before the pressure starts again…