Dead Rubber

The tickets are being sold, coaches filled and debts paid off, now its all go for the playoffs… but first we need to get Grimsby out of the way, in what might count as one of the most pointless competitive fixtures in the AFC era. I would suggest this fixture is going to have a pre-season vibe about it, but lets face it us Dons fans seem to turn out in vast numbers for the most meaningless of games… Our final first season game against RPV stood for ages as Dons record crowd at Kingsmeadow, and discounting the novelty factor of playing at Wembley the Corinthian Casuals game was a pointless distraction that could have cost us. Plus did we really pull in nearly 3k for a game against Arsenal’s youth team? It seems so long ago now…

To be honest, I’m suffering a bit of playoff envy at the moment hearing all these stories of people booking train tickets and gaining a place on the terrace, after being knocked back for the thirteenth time while trying to get next Friday off work. I suppose they are showing a great deal of understanding of why I’m repeatedly asking the question – before they say ‘no’ of course – but I’ve now screwed myself over, as any unexpected bouts of ‘sickness’ next Friday will merely ensure I won’t have a job to worry about the Friday after…

So its time for another of the famous Anonymous Don’s About Turns… I just want to say a big thanks to Premier Sports for showing the game, all is forgiven. Well, not really, but that and the fact tomorrows game has been put back to 5.15pm – I’m on a stag do today where the only rule seems to be make sure you don’t get more trashed than the groom, and I appreciate the recovery time – have made me appreciate the Worst TV deal in Sports History, just a tiny little bit. It’s still the worst deal ever though, even worse than when the UK ice hockey league ended up having to pay Sky to show their sport…

But onto more immediate matters, and we welcome Grimsby to Kingsmeadow for the first time. Obviously our to clubs have developed a bit of history over our years together in the Football League; that Group Cup final that I was too young to remember, the arrival of Harry Haddock in the eighties, a 2-6 walloping in the Championship years… Then of course Grimsby became every Dons fans second-favourite team a few years back when they took on Them in the Johnstones Paint Trophy. It’d be fair to say Grimsby fans probably won’t be looking back on their first season with a great amount of affection,  unless they get a kick out of losing at places like Bath and Newport, but much like Cambridge or Mansfield they’ll get it together sooner rather than later, and Wimbledon could do themselves a favour by getting promoted before that happens…

There’s two schools of thought as to how TB should line up for tomorrows game. Firstly, we are on a bit of a run of form, so pick your strongest side and go for continuity. This is apparently the approach Brown favours, and that’s fair enough, as long as we don’t pick up any injuries and no-one is stupid enough to get themselves sent off… oh, and we might want to avoid a demoralizing tonking while we’re at it.

The other method would have been to just play the stiffs and take a defeat, it doesn’t matter and there is no chance of them getting injured if they’re sitting in the stands. A bit over-cautious perhaps, and I know we do have a big squad, but I get the impression something is going to happen to someone either tomorrow or at Fleetwood…

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