Early on Sunday afternoon, at a Tesco Express in Armthorpe, I purchased a copy of the Non-League Paper to read the Dons match report for the last time.

The truth is it still hasn’t sunk in. I witnessed all 120 minutes of football at Eastlands on Saturday, as well as each of the ten penalties that decided the Dons fate, and yet I still frequently feel the need to rewatch footage of the day…

What hasn’t helped me achieve my aim of a coherent description of the days events had been the mother of all colds I developed twenty-four hours after the final whistle. I know the body’s immune system is particularly vulnerable when under stress, we’ve all been subjected to that over the last couple of weeks, be it waiting for tickets, sorting transport or just finding the money to make it to our biggest game in ages… I’d imagine I’m not the only one confined to bed right now, even if the majority of you are nursing sore heads for alcohol related reasons…

Being tucked up in bed with my notebook has given a couple of weeks worth of articles relating to past, present and future, but the words still won’t come to describe the 120 minutes and ten penalties that took us back to the Football League. When I close my eyes, I see a linesman’s flag cutting short celebrations, time standing still as Luton hit the inside of the post, the Dons being the width of an upright away from winning it in extra time. In fact, I was convinced we had blown our chance as we prepared for the shootout, even more so when Mo missed (shoot outs have a habit of swinging back and forth). How appropriate it should be Kedwell stepping up to send the Dons into the Football League.

Of course, I briefly felt sorry for Luton Town. They, like us, have been accused of arrogance by those small-minded Non-League supporters jealous of a club with the sort of size and potential they could only dream of. Luton will go up next season, if there is any justice, but we deserved this… we served nine long, hard years in non-league football, we didn’t deserve one of them. Now we find ourselves heading for League Two, one chapter of the Wimbledon story closed, another just about to begin…

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4 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. leeg72 says:

    Thought I had found had another Donny based Womble!!

    • anonymousdon says:

      Actually, my dad insists he sees several Donny based Dons walking around town, but he might just be seeing you every time…

  2. leeg72 says:

    Anonymous Don, what was you doing in Armthorpe on sunday morning?

    • anonymousdon says:

      I was on my way to Kirk Sandall to visit my sister… I spent the weekend at my dads place in Bawtry, hence missed the celebrations at KM on Sunday…

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