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News Round-Up – 1/6/11

There isn’t a hell of a lot of news about at the moment, largely because the squad and management team headed over to Las Vegas for a much-deserved promotion celebration (all except Gareth Gwillim, don’t worry Gareth, Vegas is no place for a married man…).
I do have one bit of genuine news though, and it looks as though the Dons will be heading back to Eden Park Avenue on 19th July to take on Beckenham, after the Kent Leaguers announced a ‘first team squad’ will be visiting. I’m looking forward to it, mainly because I missed the LSC tie earlier in the year and those who attended had only good words when reporting on the hosts.
The Beckenham game joins home fixtures with Leyton Orient (16th July) and Watford (23rd July), although lets remember PSF’s aren’t official until they’re announced, I think the worst that could happen with this one is the game gets downgraded to a reserve fixture by the time it ends up on the O/S…
Finally, in two weeks time we will know our Carling Cup opponents, with fixtures published a day later. It makes me wonder how we ever coped in the days when we had to wait until July to find out who we were playing… The countdown to the Football League starts here, and if it hasn’t sunk in yet, it soon will!
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