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Reliving The Moment – That Kedwell Penalty

If there’s one aspect of the modern game I would have loved to have had as a kid, it’s the proliferation of fan-shot camera footage of huge moments. Even I, not the most technically proficient of bloggers, have been known to upload the odd YouTube clip now and again (well, once…).The only problem is how many of us actually had our phone or camera to hand and happened to be filming when the ball was hopefully tossed into the Crawley box last September? Penalty shootouts on the other hand are a little different. Everyone knows what is about to happen, giving plenty of time to prepare. Given that, there has been an absolute explosion of videos showing Danny’s winning penalty a fortnight ago, and having watched most of them on a daily basis I now present you with my five personal favourites.

Before that, can I give my thanks to everyone who uploaded any kind of video of the day… I was too busy doubled up trying to get oxygen in my lungs between kicks to even think of using my camera, those of you who captured the moment are like gods to me…

I have limited my selection to those primarily featuring Keds penalty, of which so far I have found eighteen, the vast majority on YouTube, with new clips still being added on an almost daily basis – and by the way, these are just my selection, if you have a personal favourite embed it in a comment and explain why, as I have with mine!

(PS, the language in some of these videos can get a little fruity!!!)


We are going up! This video from Oxfo94 makes my top five easily, partly because the angle reminds me of my own view from block 230. In fact I can make out me and my dad seated a few rows ahead for a couple of seconds from 0.37 onward… for some reason I have my hands on my head… Another reason to love this video is the pure, unrehearsed emotion from the cameraman, including shrieking ‘Yes! Yes!’ over and over, and the bad singing towards the end of the video (it had been a long old day…).


There are a few vids from the Luton sections of the ground, this one being remarkable for the length of time the guy carries on filming after Keds slams it into the net – I have to say, I would have been out the ground and back in the car by the time this video stops had the boot been on the other foot… It not only gives a different view of our celebrations, but an insight into the desperation of the Luton fans just before the kick was taken… and remember if just two of those penalties had turned out differently, it could have been us…


From the upper tier behind the goal, this gives an idea just how close Tyler got to it… we are fortunate Danny just decided to blast it! Uploaded by creeves713


Wonderful video, uploaded by MrAfcwimbledon. Would have been my favourite if there hadn’t been just so much going on. Fantastic attempt at commentary before the penalty (John Motson this ain’t), deranged celebrations after, which comes across as a beautiful blur of colour and sound. highlights include a comedy fall leading to a close-up of the Eastlands pitch, and a players eye view of the celebrations that Nike’s marketing team couldn’t recreate if they tried…


My personal favourite is this one from a similar position to the previous, this charming video was uploaded by ThisCharmingDon, winning out only because its fixed position gives a better close-up view of the penalty and madness that ensued. This user also uploaded a video of the squads return to Kingsmeadow, which being stuck up in South Yorkshire and missing the moment I greatly appreciated.

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