News Round-Up 5/6/11

Today saw the publishing of a new installment of WHAK, and it, erm, told us very little of any great interest. No great surprise during holiday period, of course, but I’d like to echo the sentiment of the final paragraph, congratulating the Velo and Blue team on the completion of their fundraising bike ride from Kingsmeadow to Paris. As someone who struggles on my four mile ride to work, the reality of cycling over 300 miles in three days is unimaginable…

The only other point of interest is the reference to the signing of Max Porter being followed by that of another player, who has agreed terms but just happens to be on holiday at the moment. Now lets add two and two… I mentioned last week that the Gareth Gwillim situation was still ongoing, I also linked to the report that he had to forgo the Vegas trip due to being on holiday with his wife. Added to this report in the Herald, particularly the quote from TB…

Gareth did well for us and certainly fits the bill. We’ve been speaking to him this week. We wanted to sort out the retained this first before we thought about bringing players in.

Of course, the reference in WHAK could be referring to a completely different deal, with the Gwillim offer being dealt with separately…

While I’m updating you all, a few words on the blog. You may have noticed the links have disappeared from the sidebar, and can be found on their own page by following the link under pages at the top of the sidebar. This is a work in progress at the moment, so only ‘essential’ links are listed, but hopefully in a few weeks it’ll be fairly comprehensive, including some quality and highly readable links I’ve come across to sites and blogs dedicated to our League 2 rivals.

And a reminder you can keep up to date by liking the AD Facebook page, or following the Twitter feed (and I know I keep promising to use that more effectively, hopefully you’ll be seeing greater interaction over the next few months…).


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