Back To Selhurst (Maybe…)

The draw for the First Round proper has given Dons fans the dubious pleasure of a nostalgia trip back to Selhurst Park. Of course this is relying on the slightly daunting task of winning at Crawley to actually take our place in the competition proper, but its the sort of draw that might whet the appetite of Wimbledon fans, and is a decent enough prize for victory in our first game of the season.

Palace were the prime rivals of a certain generation of Dons fans who grew up watching their football at Selhurst, I have to say I would have preferred a tie at a ground I haven’t been to but beggars can’t be choosers… at least we’ll get to find out whether the Farley is as Dons friendly as it used to be, and of course whether the Doneagles chip shop is now just known as ‘Eagles’… I’m kind of picturing the ‘Don’ section taped over, as befitting that type of low rent takeaway…

I’m actually going out for a change tonight, so more on this tomorrow, plus all the reaction to our league fixtures…

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One thought on “Back To Selhurst (Maybe…)

  1. Doneagles, ha! I always prefered lap hing myself.

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