Daily Archives: June 30, 2011

Gregory Goes

I’m not entirely sure whether its hay fever finally hitting home or maybe I’ve picked up a virus somewhere down the line, but despite having a million things to say, my desire to communicate them here losing a battle with my reluctance to sit in front of a computer longer than absolutely necessary… already I can feel my eyes straining and head pounding… but despite all this I’ll struggle on for a few agonising paragraphs, after Steven Gregory won his race with Kedwell out of the exit door this afternoon. Or possibly this morning. Its been a long day.

So we’ve all followed the denial-anger-acceptance path… Right now I’m sad to see Gregory go, and I’ll have a flutter of regret when the inevitable Kedwell news comes through tomorrow. But to be honest I’m quite glad the whole thing seems to be coming to a resolution relatively quickly, with training starting tomorrow and plenty of time for TB to source replacements. Ignoring the fact Brown may go out and find replacements of equivalent quality, the rational side of my brain is telling me losing Gregory and Kedwell was probably¬†just the difference between 10th and 15th next term.

By the time Bristol Rovers come to town those two will be mere memories, in fact give it a week and the dust will have very much settled, the bigger picture back in view. Right now though despite everything I can’t help but feel these two departures have been a bit of a kick in the balls in what should have¬†been a triumphant summer.

I feel the club went about the sale of both players with a fair amount of dignity, but then again there are a couple of aspects I’d like to ponder on how we go about our dealings in future, which I’ll hopefully get the opportunity to do over the weekend, For now, a darkened room and damp cloth awaits…