News Round-Up 11/7/11 – Staines

Yea, the Anonymous Don has found himself struck down by the Curse of the Blogger, a similar affliction to the Commentators Curse, where someone attempting to look knowledgable is immediately contradicted by an ever-changing course of events. I’m referring to yesterdays round-up, where I trashed Gillingham’s chances of signing Adam Birchall and hinted he will probably end up at Swindon, only to find out twenty-four hours later that the Gills are favourites for his signature…

In fact his personal circumstances (baby on the way) have thrown a huge spanner in the works, at least as far as trying to second guess which way a footballer I don’t know a hell of a lot about is going to go. So, using the power of logic (i.e. guesswork) I would imagine Gillingham would be his preferred destination due to location… therefore Gillingham will have to offer considerably less money than the Dons to drop the ball. Consequently, Swindon will have to offer a hell of a lot more than the Dons or Gillingham (and probably give some kind of promise on how often he’s going to play) to tempt him there…. possibly.

Actually, the way things stand nothing has changed as far as the Dons are concerned… there is still a favourite for Birchall’s signature, and it still isn’t Wimbledon. News he had a medical today at Kingsmeadow doesn’t really surprise me, after all if he was over for talks we might as well have got that requirement out of the way, kill two birds with one stone and all that. I’m kind of thinking not signing Birchall might be a blessing in disguise, if we do the guest books and forums will be full of Dons fans with renewed optimism tipping us for a playoff place, all well and good until we’ve only won once by the end of September, the new boy hasn’t scored and it emerges we’re paying him two grand a week…

I’m thinking the way we are going we might pull a surprise or two this season, even if that’s just a season of genuine consolidation in the league coupled with a decent run in one of the cups… after all, we’ve already made it through to the second round of the JPT… And we are about to sign one of the rocks our promotion winning defence was built on, a man who played through the pain barrier in our playoff campaign, Gareth Gwillim. Gareth has had his contract cancelled by Dagenham, so the Dons are free to snap him up. I won’t say a hell of a lot about GG right now, mainly because I’m currently working on part two of my squad preview and I’ll save it until then, but it goes without saying this is welcome news.

Tomorrow night the Dons make the short journey to take on Staines, and thanks to a quirk in my social life circa five years ago coupled with various events that will be explained in full in my forthcoming Days of Yesteryear feature on our playoff win, this will actually be my first visit to Wheatsheaf Park (as well as being my first game of the season). Not really much point in doing a full on preview for a friendly, especially after I missed Saturdays game… and its amazing how simply being out of the loop for a day has given me the impression I’m playing catchup and have missed major news, but tomorrow night should help me get over that…

It’ll also allow me to practice my match report writing skills, and I’m thinking of trying a few different styles over pre-season (much as the team are experimenting, so can I…). So the report will either be a couple of paragraphs or a full on two thousand word epic (like the good old days), largely depending on how many notes I take and how much time I get on Wednesday night to write it all up…

Either way, football is back, a truncated pre-season means we are a matter of weeks away from the big kick-off, and I’m ready for it. Oh yes…

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One thought on “News Round-Up 11/7/11 – Staines

  1. Joke Inhere says:

    The Birchall story basically sums up the Dons prudency compared to other clubs. We are playing it safe with 2/3 average League 2 strikers, hoping we get more out of them than others could, and we’re c£100k up. Gillingham have gambled on two excellent non league strikers, but with little (or in one case no) league pedigree and are c£150k out of pocket. Whilst most are underwhelmed now, I think we will look back in 9 months and be happier with our summer trading than the Gills.

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