News Round-Up 26/7/11

With three days to go until our first competitive fixture of the season, the build up on this blog is in full swing. The Crawley Town League Two Files was published yesterday, with a new occasional feature (yes, another one…) due for publication (i.e. half finished) within the next 24 hours relating to the Dons history in the League Cup, keep ’em peeled.

In the mean time, news keeps happening, so I’ll keep reporting on it. Or rather commenting, reporting suggests this will be the first time you’ve heard this information… First up, the Dons actually have a game tonight, with those squad members who didn’t get the majority of the game on Saturday getting a start as the Dons take on Tooting for the Lanes Cup. I get the impression this fixture might have had a higher profile had we not found ourselves in League Cup action sevety-two hours later (at least enough to tempt me along…), and I feel for Tooting and the inevitable knock on effect on the attendance – This game should really be a Saturday fixture, with a four figure crowd present… As I won’t be there, you won’t see a match report on this blog, unless a couple of you fancy dropping me a paragraph or two to the usual email address about the game which I can use to cobble something together? I’m all up for collaborations at the moment, don’t be a stranger, get in touch…

News of sorts on the striker front… Jason Euell confirmed what we all suspected, that there has been some form of contact between himself and the Dons, yet with Charlton possibly about to offer him a deal and Doncaster still sniffing about in the background it doesn’t seem likely we’ll be seeing him come home this summer. Signing Euell would be a fantastic signing, from accounts received from Doncaster fans he was fit and hungry last term, and I get the impression he would rip League Two to shreds – if only for one season. Terry Brown can’t afford to hang around though, and has highlighted a couple of potential signings, younger professionals a little closer to Brown’s MO than the likes of Euell. 

It doesn’t look as though he will bring someone in before Friday, and with the players in question still in need of game time this preseason to reach match fitness, it’s likely whoever does come in won’t be troubling the starting XI for the Bristol Rovers game a week on Saturday. Our opening league fixture will receive a build up equal to or larger than Crawley (which is more like playing a cup tie in preseason than a season opener in its own right…), that will kick off after I finish the Crawley match report at the weekend.

I’m as excited as I can ever remember about a season starting, as are most of you Dons fans, snapping up the few remaining tickets for the Bristol Rovers game overnight… eleven days and counting…

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