Polls and Previews

Firstly, the preseason prediction poll has now closed, thanks for all of you who voted. I’ll move on to the results a little later…

As you may have seen earlier in the week, I had some involvement in the Guardian bloggers preseason preview, but there have been plenty more out there to choose from. Without wanting this to evolve into some kind of ‘Preview of Previews’, there were one or two that caught my eye…

Firstly, how not to do a preview, and it comes from the BBC Football website. By all means, the information provided for the other clubs in the division may be decent, but to be honest I didn’t get that far, blinded by the obvious (“They could do with a positive start”) and the downright inaccurate (“going from part-time to full-time for some players may be a difficult transition”… What? Twelve months later???).

Rather than rely on the inconsistencies of local BBC radio reporters who may not even have been aware they covered a League Two side until an email dropped into their inbox one morning, you could keep it simple like the Londonist has.

Alternatively, you could simply ask the supporters… perhaps the best (and certainly most in-depth) preview comes from two blogs I rarely visited before 21/5/11, yet have since found myself a regular visitor… The Seventy-Two and The Two Unfortunates. Click on either for a link to a 108 page pdf file that you might just lose yourself in…

We’ve seen previews written by the press, previews written by ourselves, but probably the most interesting was the preview put together by three experienced League Two bloggers… Maxi Hobbs (Cheltenham Town) who hosted the Dons preview, Greenwich Gull (Torquay), and A Load Of Cobblers (Northampton). What really comes across here, as you would expect, is the Dons are something of an unknown quantity. They seem to have taken politeness to newcomers into consideration, with a generous ninth place prediction, but to be fair to them even us Dons fans are having difficulty visualising where we might end up, which moves me on nicely to…

…The poll result. Many thanks to the 248 of you who registered your opinion. The results show a symmetry that students of statistical analysis would probably go nuts over, but ultimately didn’t provide too many revelations… supporters of newly promoted side expect consolidation shocker… But it would have been interesting to see how the results would have been affected had we secured the services of an experienced goalscorer, kept hold of Gregory, or even beaten Crawley on Friday night.

We now find ourselves less than two days away from the first Football League fixture a Dons side has faced in over nine years. My season build-up concludes tomorrow evening with a match preview, although that might not happen if I find I’m too nervous/excited to type properly… there’s no point pretending to be cool, like your side gets promoted to the Football League every season, lets face it this is a big moment in the history of our club – and I can’t wait for it to begin.

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