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It’s been a strange, depressing week. A week where the painful reminder there are an awful lot of fuckwits in our society, wandering among us on a daily basis, has been splashed on our TV screens… of course, I could quite easily use that very same sentence in a couple of weeks when Big Brother returns (I thought we’d killed that off…). Seriously though, it does make you wonder why we lock up intelligent creatures like monkeys in zoos when these animals are rampaging around among us, simply because they happen to be the same species as us? Let’s free the monkeys and take our kids to see these clowns throwing their shit over each other instead. The added benefit being the newly freed monkeys will benefit the economy, as they genuinely will work for peanuts…

This blog has always attempted to remain politically ambiguous, so I’m hoping the previous introduction will have offended both left and right equally… my right leaning readers will be frothing at the mouth that not only do I appear to be a closet animal rights campaigner, I’m also advocating the release from behind bars of known immigrants to undercut British workers… whereas the more liberal of you are preparing to boycott a blogger who compares what was a predominantly black crowd with monkeys. I’ll leave open the question of whether I’m actually part of the fascist media machine, like the BBC; or some kind of liberal conspiracy, erm, like the BBC…

While South West London has largely been untouched by the civil unrest, the Dons have been affected by looters…although it wasn’t publicised at the time, the club did actually sign Darren Bent on Monday, and stored him in the cupboard under the Strank Stand for safe keeping. Opportunists from the Cambridge Estate then broke into Kingsmeadow on Tuesday night and made off with him… rumour has it the big hitman is now being hawked in the pubs and markets of South London as I write… Seriously, with Jason Euell finally signing for Charlton this week (the tease…), losing out on one experienced front man can be considered unlucky, missing two suggests we were barking up the wrong tree to start with. I wonder whether that young striker Terry said was waiting in the wings is still prepared to sign up, or whether we have to start our search for a goalscorer afresh.

The irony is, with four goals in two games, and three of our forwards off the mark for the season already, the last thing we need is a striker. The Dons head to a Dagenham side desperate for the solid defensive performance that has so far eluded them, knowing the hosts will be the most direct threat we have faced as yet, and looking to capitalise on any errors forced. Like every manager in the division, John Still would have noticed how the Dons young side haven’t quite got to grips with the pace of this division yet, they are going to close down our back four quickly and at every available opportunity. If the Dons want to continue their commitment to playing football from the back, they are going to have to learn to switch on and concentrate for the full ninety.

In terms of any possible changes to the starting eleven, over the opening two fixtures we have looked much stronger following the introduction of three players. One of those is Charlie Ademeno, but having not played a full part in preseason and suffering a heel problem I don’t expect to see him start any time soon, the benefit being we can bring him on against tiring defences and watch him cause havoc, as he did against Bristol Rovers. Chris Bush has given us options when chasing the game in terms of getting himself over the halfway line, but I would expect Gwillim to start ahead of him once more, his experience, and more importantly his knowledge of the Dagenham boys will be vital on the field.

Which brings me on to Lee Minshull. The Dons looked much stronger when he came on last Saturday, and he was my surprise tip for a starting role on Saturday (at least he was until the Herald trumped me… damn journalists and their aversion to guesswork and hunches… they’ll put me out of business, if I had one…). The question is, if he does start, who is going to miss out? The choice is Wellard or Porter, with the former dropping back and filling in for Porter if he misses out. I have a feeling TB will opt for Minshull to replace Ricky as a like for like change, with Minshull getting involved and causing havoc going forward.

So my expected Dons XI is as follows (I’m 100% on this so far this season, stat fans, and looking to extend my perfect record to a second week…).









L Moore



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