Kieran Djalili Signs, Sparking ‘Resting’ Dons Blogger Into Life

Interesting news coming through this evening that the Dons have signed former Palace winger Kieran Djalili following his decision to leave Selhurst in the summer. Personally this has come as a bit of a pleasant surprise at the end of a relaxing week for the Anonymous Don (so relaxing I forgot to write a Macclesfield preview – oops!). Its fair to say the Djalili signing doesn’t represent the big signing TB hinted at earlier in the month, this is more the younger forward kicking his heels waiting for the other deals to fall through.

Still, Palace fans seem to rate him highly, and expect him to perform in League Two. If anything his arrival will mix things up for a forward line that seems to be an automatic pick at the moment. Djalili and I have one thing in common, however – neither of us are travelling to Macclesfield tomorrow. Which has meant I’m suffering a personal fourteen day Dons match drought between Hereford and Port Vale, unusual at this time of year (I’m kind of thrown by the Football League neglecting to schedule August Bank Holiday fixtures at some point in our nine year absence…).

Yes, I could go down and watch the development squad over at Walton Casuals, a ground less than two miles from ADHQ but largely inaccessible without motorised transport unless I’m willing to either walk six miles or risk drowning crossing the Thames the old fashioned way… seriously, I like the Waterside Stadium, its a pleasant place to watch reserve football, but it might as well be located on a barge in the middle of the North Sea for non car owners…

Instead I’ll be listening in to the game on WDON. Normal bloggy service will resume after the Bank Holiday…


One thought on “Kieran Djalili Signs, Sparking ‘Resting’ Dons Blogger Into Life

  1. Tony says:

    Kieran is not Omid’s son! Djilali.

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