Daily Archives: September 26, 2011

News Roundup 26/9/11

Starting the week, a news roundup to kick off a hopefully more productive seven days for The Anonymous Don… apart from this, there’ll hopefully be an ode to our former captain as well as the preview and match report. On the subject of previews, an apology for failing to come up with any offerings for Cheltenham and Bradford. I know the majority of you like the previews, as opposed to the match ‘reports’ or aimless guff like this.

To be honest, the previews are normally the first to fall foul of any squeeze in free time I have, normally being written on a Thursday or Friday night… those days being the most likely I’ll be sidetracked by attempts at having a social life. Having said that, I’m having a real problem coming up with match reports for games I know I won’t be able to attend, and Bradford certainly fell into that bracket.

What a game to miss! Despite the League table telling us we’ve actually won more games away from home so far, I still get the impression victories on the road will be, if not quite rare, then a special occurence. A credit card balance the size of which would make most small countries spit out their morning coffee unfortunately requires immediate attention, and is interfering with my away game attendance, and consequently this blog. Still, no problem attending home games, as we welcome the Gills on Saturday.

The return of our former skipper makes this an ‘occasion’ worthy of build up, and I’m sure the majority of us look forward to giving him a warm welcome back – a quick chant of his name before kick off, followed by Mo-style applause as he’s dragged off by the opposing manager in the 55th minute, wondering why he ever left the place to begin with. The urge to see Keds fall flat on his face in embarrassing style only begins once the whistle blows, and extends until either the final whistle or the Dons have wrapped the game up – whichever comes first. Outside of that period where supporting our team becomes a priority, here’s hoping Kedwell gets a good reception from the Dons fans – he’s certainly earned it.

While tickets remain on sale, the club have been forced to close internet sales after Gillingham sold their allocation… which is unfortunate, but left us with very little choice. The game would have ended up being a Bristol Rovers-style casual sell out, as ditherers realised there were still tickets remaining in the days leading up to the fixture, but now I get the impression we might not sell out at all – we miss out on the casual crowd who like to walk up and pay on the day, and that’s something we can’t really do anything about until we have the capacity to deal with games such as this. Which we probably won’t have until we find ourselves in a new stadium…