The Golden Age Of The Anonymous Don

So for various reasons that I’ve spent the last few months moaning about, I’m not able to attend away games for the forseeable future, meaning the blog has had something of a lopsided feel to it. Only seeing half the tale has meant my initial plans for more exhaustive coverage of this seasons action have been shelved. Hopefully the occasional articles that will replace the old guff will turn out to be of much higher quality (well, that’s the plan…).

I’ve also given the blog a new look, so hopefully you can all read it properly now… and problems or comments drop me a line as usual.

A look at Crawley and the nature of rivalry will follow tomorrow night, after I’ve proof read it (words regular AD readers probably never thought they would read…).

2 thoughts on “The Golden Age Of The Anonymous Don

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t despair; half a tale is better than none…and I do appreciate the effort. I write for WDSA but only when I get to see a game and that unfortunately doesn’t include away games or mid-week – and I may not be able to get to see Crawley -but it doesn’t stop me enjoying writing when I can.
    Keep up the good work
    the Wizard of Oz

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