Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Terry Brown

I was going to write a piece on our failings over the last three games or so –  in fact I got half way through – but today’s news has really taken my desire out of it. Plus I wouldn’t have thought many of you really wanted to read my ponderings on our squad when the man who built it all is otherwise engaged caring for his wife and family. I’m not going to insult anyone with clichés – I’m sure nobody needs to be reminded just where football falls in life’s great priority list.

What I will say is football obviously means a lot to Terry Brown, and I sincerely hope when Suzy recovers from her operation he gets the opportunity to return to doing what he loves. Until then, everything is on hold as far as I’m concerned… Cash and Bassey will put eleven blokes on the pitch, we’ll win some and we’ll lose some, we’re not going down and we’re not going up.

We’re all with you, Terry.