Half Term Poll

Ok, there was little chance of me writing in detail about the Accrington game. I had to endure nintey minutes of it on Saturday, no chance of dissecting the gory details in my own time – especially, as you might have gathered from the recent lack of blog updates, I haven’t exactly had time on my hands of late.

The build up to Xmas means we approach the half way point of our first season back in the League, and while I ponder a longer review, but first heres a chance for you to have your say with a new poll…

7 thoughts on “Half Term Poll

  1. Stuart says:

    I’m a little scared now after today.

  2. s_conner says:

    we’ll be fine says I. I do hope we can make a better show of ourselves for the TV game next week. Perfect time to put this bad patch to bed.

  3. dons4div4 says:

    Just checked back and we finished 13th out of 24 in 1977/78. And lots of 3-0 defeats around this stage of the season.

    Bet we do better than that this time.

    I’m with Ballboy – Terry’s the man for me.

  4. I’m not concerned that we’ll be relegated, but I think we’ll be at the top end of the dogfight. Incidentally I think we need 48, judging by the past five seasons in this division. So we actually need 22 more. Very possible. We’re averaging 1.24 per game, so at that rate we should end up with 57 points.

  5. maliniok says:

    My vote goes for Average – exactly as expected!

  6. Ballboy Don says:

    We will be ok in Terry we trust

  7. gt says:

    We started out better than I expected but the recent slump is making me nervous.

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