Half Term Report

So, the results of last weeks poll reveal half of you think the Dons performance during the first half of the season has been ‘average’…

I’ll save a full-on look at the season so far until after the holiday games (and with Macclesfield now off that’s one Saturday afternoon I have no excuse for not spending it writing!). Until then, I managed a few words for the Guardian Football League blog, catching up with those of us who penned initial pre-season expectations.

Interesting that I even mentioned the ‘R’ word, alluded to by those who commented on the poll. Is it even a realistic possibility? I’m not worried, but understand the paranoia all our hard work over the past nine years might be wiped out first time out. The thirty years of experience I have supporting the Dons have seen ups and downs the likes of which other clubs won’t experience in several generations worth of seasons. And relegation this year, on the back of one of our greatest victories… doesn’t that seem a Wimbledon thing to happen?

Now I’ve put that thought in your head, a quick word to say I hope all Dons fans, players, supporters, management, families, the wider football world who ‘get it’, and of course those football fans in Milton Keynes who show their contempt for the property deal at the Winkiedome by regularly not turning up in their thousands… Have a great Christmas.

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