Anonymous Don?

On the wall of my flat is a framed matchday programme for a Canon League Division Two fixture between Wimbledon and Shrewsbury Town, dated Wednesday 27th March 1985. Its not the best preserved programme you’ll ever see, its showing its age and if you examine it closely you will see my childish annotation written in purple felt tip that Alan Cork was ‘going the wrong way’. From that day on I was blessed as being a Wimbledon supporter.

This 2009/10 season will be my 25th full season as a Dons fan. I have been lucky enough to have lived in and around South West London for all but two of those seasons, and have been able to attend almost all home fixtures, and many away matches.

This blog is not intended to be a definitive review of the goings on at the club. I will try to attend as many games as possible, and report on all if possible, but the gaps in service can be explained away by the fact I am a Wimbledon fan, first and foremost.

This is for everyone who shares my love, and an explanation for all those who don’t understand it.

This is my obsession.

17 thoughts on “Anonymous Don?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i must be the leary fucker who stands in front of u

  2. kevin smyth says:

    Hi AD,

    just heard about you moving to the USA. Your column will be sorely missed. Why because you talk about AFC Wimbledon. That is one of my small dislikes about our forum in that posters tend to discuss non football matters. You and SW19 have certainly given me much pleasure so thankyou for all your hard work.

    • anonymousdon says:

      Thanks Kevin. And naturally this blog will continue in some form, hopefully discussing AFC Wimbledon to some extent!

  3. The Guy with the Green AFC Shirt says:

    Hi I am a regular attendant of AFC matches and there is someone who I tend to see on a regular basis at home matches who I think might be you. Were you wearing a hat at the Crawley match today? Were you with a few other people? Were you queueing at turnstile 2 near the guy with the green AFC shirt?

    • anonymousdon says:

      Nope. I do constantly get confused with other people though, and I dont know why. The problem is these people always turn out to be more intelligent, rich and slimmer than I, so the eventual unveiling of poor old me turns out to be something of a let down.

      I normally stand behind the home dugout, on the first step, featuring an occasional beard, normally with my friend and maybe one of his sons… today however they took the opportunity to stand on the tempest which mean I got to watch the game without any distractions on me own…

      • The Guy with the Green AFC Shirt says:

        Ah ok, I think I thought it was you because he talked in the same intelligent manner to that conveyed in your blog… I’ll keep a look out for you. By the sound of things you stand just behind me – I normally stand just to the left of the home dugout, leaning on the barrier with a friend or two – wearing the green AFC shirt, obviously.

      • anonymousdon says:

        That couldn’t possibly be me then Green Shirt Guy! I need time to put my thoughts into writing, which gives it the impression of intelligence, but in real time I have to add a few ‘errr’s and ‘uhmm’s to give myself vital thinking time!

  4. foxtrot_charlie says:

    change is good n all that, but i prefer the old photo at the top of the blog… is this brickwork a clue to your identity or something?

    • anonymousdon says:

      Nah, I just noticed I was getting visitors searching for ‘AFC Wimbledon Wall’… so it was quite a cynical marketing move on my behalf. Picture will be changed shortly.

  5. Gazzas Takle says:

    You have a good site, the articles are very well written but the content is too long and can lead to people not reading your articles and more punchy approach with shorter written pieces will make your site a must read for dons fans.

    Best wishes

  6. piggeh says:

    Did you used to write articles for a now defunct website? The ‘not just another afc wimbledon..’ tagline seems familiar.

    • anonymousdon says:

      No. The Not Just Another AFC Wimbledon weblog came from the original template ‘Just Another weblog’ which still appears on many a blog. At the time I couldn’t think of anything else appropriate to put, still can’t in fact. I have never released any of my writing into the public domain previously because I thought it was crap, basically.

      Plus this is my first effort at sports writing since I was about 10 for English homework

      Out of interest which website were you thinking of?

      • piggeh says:

        It was an independent one, I can’t recall the name of it, but it was just one guy who wrote match reports in the first season or so, then he stopped updating it.

  7. Brett (Haywards heath Womble) says:

    Good blog mate.. well done

  8. Dave Beasant says:

    I’ll be a long way from Eastleigh – about 12000 miles

  9. Dave Beasant says:

    I’ll keep your name and address and any photos withheld for the moment- you’ll know who I am by these clues?

    First Wimbledon game – Norwich at Plough Lane in October 87
    You loved the hot dogs more than the football
    We bought a load of old Wimbledon socks and shorts from a cardboard box in the old club shop

    • anonymousdon says:

      If you know who I am… and its no big secret by the way… then approach me at the Eastleigh game and say in a loud voice “You are the anonymous don and I claim my £5.” If your right, youll get £5.

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