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The General Specific (Thursday 28th May ’09)

Well a couple more players have signed (although thats not really the actual reason I was writing today, but I’ll get this out of the way first – no offence meant to those concerned!). Jay Conroy and Elliott Godfrey are onboard for next season, great news as Jay looked like the sort of right back we had badly missed since Luke Garrards injury. As far as Luke himself is concerned, well I think he is still the better right back but we may well see him act as a midfield utility player next season as and when required.

Elliott is a top player as far as I’m concerned, and the news that he has signed again is a relief (although I had the impression he was under contract already…) as a player with his combination of workrate and skill should always have a home at our club, especially as in my mind (and presumably Terry Brows mind too) he has done more than enough to earn his shot at a higher level.

On to more important things, You may remember I mentioned the ‘non-existant ground in Wimbledon’ yesterday. Well judging by news reports this morning in the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1189065/AFC-Wimbledon-target-Football-League-Plough-Lane.html), the Mirror (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/2009/05/28/wimbledon-going-home-115875-21394759/) and more comprehensively in the Evening Standard (http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-sport/article-23700727-details/AFC+Wimbledon+plan+to+go+home+to+Plough+Lane/article.do) suggests, well, we may be in the verge of a move back to Plough Lane.

Which raises a few questions. Firstly how concrete are these plans? Well the club has spoken openly about attempting to open dialogue with the owners of the site, which has largely fallen down through the lack of response from the current owners. The reports above seem to suggest an agreement of some kind has been made, but of course doesn’t mention who it was with. Its sounds more like educated guesswork as far as I can see, and the more measured responses from the fanbase consider that perhaps an agreement has been reached with the council for a football ground to be included in any planning application for the site.

If so this is unhelpful reporting for a number of reasons. It comes on the eve of an important meeting where Dons Trust members will decide the future direction our club will take ins the form of a Strategy Review, and if members approach the meeting with their heads filled with improbable dreams, will they really be acting in the clubs best interests going into the SGM?

Perhaps the Trust are intending on revealing all before the meeting begins tonight, but perhaps they have been thrown slightly by one of our own mouthing off to the press at the worst possible time. There are ways and means of doing things, for example Marc Jones revealed his wish for the club to return to Wimbledon in the SLP last week, this was enough to spark debate, why did someone feel the need to take it one step further and act, as the articles describe, as a ‘spokesman’ for the trust?

There are a number of issues which I want to cover in greater detail that work commitments mean I don’t have time for right now, however its likely the picture could become clearer in the next 24 hours. This afternoon however, I call on the club to issue a statement so everybody is aware of the facts ahead of time, even if they just advise a further statement will be made at the meeting tonight. That in itself could help calm the speculation, as while they remain unanswered supporters, myself included, find their hopes raised by lazy reporting which may turn out to show we are still as far away to agreeing a move back as we were yesterday.

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The General Specific (Wednesday 27th May ’09)

For the love of God, won’t somebody somewhere sign something! I’m getting sick of rumours, counter-rumours, and educated, uneducated, or just plain dumb guesswork.

Anything will do. Club agrees terms to sign a new lawnmower. Marcus Gayle spotted in the Bentall Centre signing autographs. Danny Kedwell sends his gran a birthday card. Literally anything in terms of hard news will do right now.

Oh, hold on. Someone has signed. It looks like good news for AFC Wimbledon Ladies, as ex-Don Adel Hinder has agreed to take the managerial hotseat to hopefully try and guide the Dons back up the pyramid into the South East Combination and beyond. Adel played for Millwall and the all-conquering Arsenal, as well as having a spell in Sweden, and was on the fringe of the England squad. She cut her coaching teeth at Crystal Palace Centre of Excellence, so hopefully the contacts she has acquired will allow her to attract some decent players to help us progress.

The Ladies setup has been dragging behind where the Trusts objectives originally saw them, so I like that a hungry ex-player has been appointed, rather than for example the men’s sides kitman (although it didn’t do Arsenal any harm…).  There has been precious little commentary on the Ladies team on this particular blog (in fact across most Dons sites), they must be feeling pretty unappreciated, so this particular Don has made a vow to make regular visits next season to update the doubting majority of their progress.

Ok, to be honest I was hoping for some breaking news to come in while I typed this, but no luck so far. There’s only so much guestbook debate I can take over whether we should focus on moving back to a non-existent ground in Wimbledon or stick with Kingsmeadow (which I’m fully confident we can get the council onside to develop into at least an 8k capacity when we are prepared to make those improvements… plus if we created access to Berrylands Station it could be even more).

Anyway… here’s hoping.

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