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Thursday Night Football

Huge sighs of relief all round at the news the winner won’t have to face Them in the next round. The fortunate thing about it was it was enough to seduce ITV into naming the game as its fixture of choice, meaning the winner of our replay not only gets to face a proper football club in the next round, they will also pick up a six figure sum once prize money and TV money is taken into account.

While we are on the subject of Them, I notice their old message board has been closed, replaced by a version which is readable without registration, thus subjecting the rest of the world (or anyone who bothers searching for it) to their inane chatter. And it doesn’t cast them in a good light. I thought I was ignorant (last night for example I turned down an invitation for a party celebrating the release of Aung San Suu Khi because I mistook it for a Twinings marketing event…), but they push the boundary that little bit further. Every town has its weirdos and knobheads, up in MK they seem to gather in one place…

But onto more pressing matters… two proper football clubs face off to decide who goes on to play another proper football club in Round Two of the FA Cup. And of course its on a Thursday, for some reason. I wouldn’t mind Thursday games if the positive (being closer to the weekend) wasn’t overwhelmingly outweighed by the negative (Kettering game switched to a Sunday…). What is strange is its only November and this isn’t the first time we have been asked to play on the weirdest night of the football week. We are of course both getting paid a load of money, and at least the TV company involved isn’t the same one that thinks its a good idea to switch our longest away trip of the season to a Friday night (and that could have been worse, it could have been a Monday…).

You wonder exactly how this is going to affect the Dons players. They had the chance to play in what they rightly or wrongly considered to be THE fixture, and now Stevenage have taken it away from them. My advice to them will be make them pay. But first, make sure you beat Ebbsfleet in the ultimate banana skin game. It will be easy to suggest Ebbsfleet have missed their chance, but the Dons patchy couple of road games since the initial fixture won’t have Dons fans travelling in complete confidence. Plus Ebbsfleet themselves have developed a nice little habit of winning football matches. Oh, and TB, despite being a cautious type, somehow mentioned the Third Round in his pre match O/S comments – the ultimate bad omen if ever one was needed.

It seems as though we won’t have to rely entirely on the youth at the back, thanks to the return of the not-exactly-veteran Brett Johnson. Christian Jolley serves the final game of the ridiculous ban for his laughable red card in the first game, and Lee Minshull appears to be injured again, which ever the observant one I managed to miss… At least the virus that swept the club at the weekend seems to have died off, with Jon Main returning.  

I’m not going to guess the side because for some reason I think TB might have something up his sleeve for this one. Maybe thats wishful thinking, but I’ll be interested to see what line-up, and more importantly formation, he chooses tomorrow night. Whatever he decides, one thing is important and that is our support. I hope not too many of you have been put off by the televised status/potential cold and rain… tomorrow your team may need you…

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Potential Ebbsfleet Report Ruined…

I thought I’d leave it until Sunday before publishing my match report after last weeks Saturday night effort ended up as a full-on rant about the referee. Hang on, surely I’m justified in just rehashing it, changing all references of ‘Darlington’ to ‘Ebbsfleet’ and ‘defeat’ to ‘draw that means we face a pointless replay’…

Well, it might not be pointless. The draw is yet to take place as I write this, as Southport and Sheffield Wednesday trade goals, what I will say is thankfully there is a ten day gap to the replay, meaning the memory of yesterdays mind numbing showing will have all but faded, hopefully replaced by some FA Cup optimism that these two sides will serve up a bit more entertainment second time around.

For the second week in a row we find ourselves bemoaning a refereeing performance – the two sending off decisions were woeful, really poor. Most of the time the sort of challenge Christian Jolley made wouldn’t even justify a free-kick, for those of you who couldn’t make it the highlights on ITV didn’t quite capture the level of astonishment in the ground when the referee pulled out a red card.

Ebbsfleet’s Carew was equally unfortunate to go minutes later. Booked for a quite cynical tugback on Yussuff as the Dons looked to break early on, he then found himself picking up a second yellow for blocking a quick Dons free-kick. Yet he made no movement to block the ball, he just happened to have got back to his feet after the initial foul right in the path of where Moore intended the ball to go. His only crime seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time just when the referee was looking to make up for his earlier error – because subconciously at least I’m sure thats the only reason he was so keen to level up the sides.

Ten versus ten should have made more of a game of it, the contest was drab and uneventful up to that point. Both sides had gone close – Sebb Brown had to be alert to beat out a free kick from range, and Jolley had just got too much on the ball trying to divert a Sam Hatton header into the net. Ebbsfleet played two up front, relying on Shakes and Willock to make something happen, but they were too isolated and their midfield unadventurous.

At the other end it wasn’t really clicking for Wimbledon, while Jolley started well on the left,  Jackson repeatedly gave up possession on the other flank. Jacksons perfmorance was annoying in that he was up against Derek Duncan, a player who we all know loves a rash challenge now and again, and you felt he only had to knock it past him once to get him on a yellow and he would have been in his pocket all afternoon.


And this is how far I got with my Ebbsfleet match report. I had plenty left to write albeit about a very dull game of football, but by this stage the draw for the second round was made, and all of a sudden a very large shadow was cast over this seasons FA Cup campaign. Shortly after, and in a completely unconnected incident, a large mirror fell off the wall downstairs taking out the phone socket and with it my broadband connection, until now…

I’ll put my thoughts into word shortly, in the mean time apologies to anyone dropping by expecting a full Ebbsfleet match report, maybe I should have found time to write it last night after all…

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Potential Banana Skin (Half An Ebbsfleet Preview…)

FA Cup First Round day looms, an afternoon (well, weekend these days) more exciting than Christmas and birthdays combined, by far the biggest event of the football season. Maybe until the Third Round, but we never get that far in the AFC era… At least we haven’t done yet, we have been handed possibly our best opportunity yet by mercifully not drawing the side running away with the division two above ours for a change. Which doesn’t mean Ebbsfleet shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking afternoon. On the contrary, I think I’ll be more nervous because we are expected to win.

I know some of you share my nerves. Last week I got an email from an intelligent, knowledgeable Dons fan relating to cheap train tickets up to Fleetwood in a few weeks time. Those of you who are one step ahead of the crowd will already have spotted the date clashes with the Second Round date. I have my suspicions this email was sent more with the motive of placating fate, the football gods, whatever you want to call it. Like there is some benign creator looking down thinking ‘Hmmm, these Dons fans are completely non-presumptuous about their First Round tie against a side lower in the league system than themselves, I think I will reward them by gifting them an easy 4-0 win…’. Having said that if we do go through to the second round, and draw Fleetwood away, I’m going to have some apologising to do…

I don’t blame those of you already putting the lucky pants to one side… I’ll be doing the same too. This one has ‘upset’ written all over it, Ebbsfleet have quietly put together an impressive run of form and bring with them not only Lorraine and Duncan, but former trialist Callum Willock, the man who could have been the man who Nathan Elder wasn’t… As well as that Lorraine has apparently been indulging in some good-natured banter with Dons stopper Sebb Brown. Having said that it makes the life of a professional footballer, for all its overwhelming benefits, sound a little tame compared to when I played against friends and ex-team mates in the parks on a Saturday morning… inane breakfast tv catchphrases don’t really compare with receiving text messages telling you you’re a paedo and your mums a slag, before you retaliate by drunk-dialling them repeatedly at 3.30am on the morning of the match…

To be honest I only realised the outside world will be viewing us as overwhelming favourites when I read the profile of Jon Champion on the OS (yes, I actually read the profile of Jon Champion on the OS…) and he was quoted as saying ‘If you hear your fans complaining that they switched on to watch AFC Wimbledon on the highlights and you were only on for ten minutes, that’s a good sign.’… Now at first all I thought was ‘Wow, we’re getting ten minutes of highlights on a major terrestrial tv station hours after the game finishes…’ but then it struck me the only reason ITV seem to be showing up is they are hoping we are going to fall on our arses. Still, ten minutes is pretty good, we rarely got that on Match of the Day back in the 90’s…

Of course, the squad responded to the news three players judged not good enough to play for the Dons are returning by putting in a performance that suggested there might have been at least eleven more that Terry missed. Thats harsh, of course it is, but we can only hope the Darlington performance, coupled with the memory of literally staggering into the next round at Basingstoke, will have focused the players minds a little.

In terms of team news, first off another episode of the unofficial Andre-watch series. The boy Blackman is back in the side tomorrow, however after Bush’s nightmare last week its more important than ever he has a good performance tomorrow. I think after his great start we expected Blackman might receive a bit of unwanted attention from other clubs once we reached the televised stages of this tournament, unfortunately the only unwanted attention he seems to be receiving at the moment relates to his apparently suspect temperament…

Which is a little unwarranted perhaps… one of the reasons Andre appears a little immature at times is because, well, he is still very young. Slamming seats when substituted is just the physical representation of the frustration ALL players feel in those circumstances, he’ll learn how to control it. I think the best reason for wanting Andre to succeed is unlike Bush, he is a contracted Dons player. I’m as much in favour of playing your best eleven as the next man, but when there isn’t much in it can we really be justified in playing a lad for the benefit of another team (i.e. Brentford). I thought Bush was highly regarded there, unless TB knows something we don’t and thinks there might be a chance of signing him in the summer…

Moving on, I’m having a bit of a crisis of confidence (which isn’t all that unusual). As you will remember, a couple of weeks ago I stated my belief that Steven Gregory was as important to the Dons as Danny Kedwell. Since then he has gone off the boil, as have the team. But I’m trying to work out whether Gregory has failed to impress because the team have been poor, or if the teams poor performances have shown Gregory in a negative light?

Perhaps that’s a topic for me to ponder on another occasion (here’s hoping it’s not the match report for this game, as that’ll probably mean we lost…) as the fact it is nearly time for FC United v Rochdale on Friday night more than betrays the fact I’ve effed up the timing of this preview – as it is its highly likely only a few post-pub drunks and early risers will read this anyway…

Predicted Dons line-up – Brown; Hatton, Yakubu, Harris, Blackman; Gregory, Moore S, Yussuff; Kedwell, Jackson, Jolley.

PS Congratulations to the youth who won their 1st Round game at Dartford. Their Second Round tie at home to Aldershot is just asking for a report from this blog…

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Helen Chamberlain And Norman Cook Have Given Us…

Ebbsfleet at home.

Although there was something of a cock-up when it was initially announced we would be playing ball 18, Exeter City, despite already having been drawn. Experienced broadcaster Jim Rosenthal eventually announced the correction, as I began to wonder whether the Devonians would be sending their reserves…

Yet Ebbsfleet it is. A quick return for them after their relegation last season, and a quicker return for Paul Lorraine and Derek Duncan, along with former Dons triallist Callum Willock. Its not exactly a draw thats going to get the casual Dons fan out of their sofa, but it is more than winnable and allows a decent chance of progression to the Second Round. Plus ITV are currently following Ebbsfleet on their Road To Wembley, which means the game should be featured on their highlights show beyond just showing the goals – it’ll be ‘special report’ rather than extensive highlights, but if we win that coverage will follow us into the next round. At least we won’t find ourselves playing on a Monday this time around…

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400 Minutes

Sorry for the delay in writing. The Anonymous Don is technically closed for Christmas, yet as I forgot to post a message advising that plenty of you have been returning waiting for an update, perhaps visualising me dead in a ditch somewhere…

The Christmas close down has come early as I am off to the States for two weeks two days before the Crawley game, and I have to get quite a lot of things done in the meantime. So the blog will return, relaunched in the New Year, in the mean time I will endeavour to keep as up to date as possible with intermediate updates such as this.

Last time I wrote, if you can remember back that far, was a 0-1 home defeat to playoff rivals York, and since Michael Rankine’s sixty-third minute strike in that game young Sebastian Brown has gone approximately four hundred minutes without picking the ball out of his net (including various time added on at half/full-time, for those of you who came up with 387 minutes…).

After York I really felt we had run into just the right opponents at the right time. Ebbsfleet had shown some resilience against us earlier in the season, but any fears Dons fans might have had of an embarrassing home defeat would have been put aside after only minutes. We were never going to have trouble against a side that gifted us possession so freely, even at our worst we don’t give the ball away so easily from start to finish!

Despite this I feel we made the trip to Kidderminster more in hope than expectation, but our hosts seemed to have the sort of bad day we had for their visit a month previously. With Moore and Taylor buzzing around Kedwell, the trio of Hendry, Wellard and Gregory took hold of the midfield and ran the game. Hendry has been an inspired signing, the missing piece of the jigsaw almost, and any possibility of turning this arrangement into something more permanent will only have a positive effect on Wimbledon’s playoff chances.

Although Danny Kedwells expertly taken goal was enough to settle the game, the Dons missed further chances that could have ended the match as a contest much earlier than the final whistle. How Jon Main failed to head home from yards out I don’t know, especially with hundreds of Wimbledon supporters behind the goal trying to suck it in. Either way, Wimbledon played some good football, and it was a real pleasure to make the journey to watch such a performance.

With two wins under our belts, my football (or more accurately Wimbledon) head told me the trick to Salisbury would be a lot harder than the League table suggested. I couldn’t make the game due to work commitments but it seems in tough conditions this really could have been a banana skin. Congratulations to the boys for coming home with the points, and even bigger congratulations to the hundreds of Dons fans who made the trip, despite not being too far away it was just long enough a journey for me to be unable to juggle my own commitments, so well done those of you who did.

Which brings us to Gateshead. This was a side in form against a relatively unknown quantity, and Wimbledon put them away with minimal fuss. Steven Gregory looked as though the last thing he wanted to do was strike left footed as he skipped past two defenders, if anything this probably made him think a little more about how he hit the ball. If it was on his right foot we may have seen it fly over the bar but instead his effort dipped over the keeper, finding the net via the underside of the bar.

Still it wasn’t the most watchable of games, mainly down to the referees ability to blow his whistle whenever there was any danger of some football breaking out. He cancelled out Kedwells strike early in the second half after Kedwell had brushed off an attempted rugby tackle by the last man. Fortunately even he couldn’t miss the challenge that scythed down Elliott Godfrey on the hour, allowing Ricky Wellard to stroke a free kick around the wall into the corner.

An other good day at the office for Wimbledon, but where does this leave us? We have gone from mid-table to just two points off the playoffs and above contenders such as Luton and Kidderminster in little over a week. In these circumstances it’s a shame we have to break for cup games, but thats football I suppose. If we were facing Crawley in Tuesday instead of Ash, I would have felt we would have gone with confidence and taken home the points.

Instead we have a two-week wait, and will perhaps have to regain momentum depending on what sort of side is named for the Boreham Wood game next week. Crawley is a tricky place to go as we found out when we visited for our cup game, yet I think after our ten man victory in the replay we might just have sussed them out. Another clean sheet should mean another victory, as I listen in from afar…

After the York game I think I wasn’t the only one to believe we really needed a Chris Hussey replacement but the back four seems to have gelled. We now have four defenders who could play centre half if required, meaning our full backs aren’t exposed to high balls over the top. Even when Hatton fills in at right back we look solid against an aerial bombardment. Yet this hasn’t had an effect on how we pass the ball around, perhaps fortunate that we have players such as Judge and Johnson who are as comfortable with the ball at their feet as they are attacking it in the air. Sure if a Hussey-clone becomes available in January I say we sign him, but if the right player isn’t available we should stick with what we have – and that includes making more use of Derek Duncan in this position.

It seems like Terry Browns plan is coming together. At the beginning of the season we anticipated encounters with our opponents by highlighting their dangermen, so it is good to know that sides who play us are now looking beyond Kedwell and Main (brilliant though they are!) and highlighting the likes of Gregory, Moore, even Wellard as stand out performers.

Yes, despite our recent run of form we probably won’t have the consistency this year to make the playoffs. If we do we will come unstuck against the experience of a York or Stevenage over two legs, but even missing out completely will be ok so long as the progression and momentum that has been built up continues throughout the campaign.

I remember a few scoffers writing off the likes of Wellard, Gregory and of course Hatton at the start of the season. All of those players have shown a huge improvement. In fact even the more ‘mature’ players have improved their game. Plus as a unit they are coming together all the time, as the side start to exceed the value of its parts as even the best sides should.

Moving onto the two cup games, its good to hear that Terry Brown will be taking a strong side down to Ash on Tuesday. Despite no longer technically being a first team competition, the county cups will be more than useful for giving our fringe players a run-out. With the size of our squad and the poor quality of opposition our reserves face, going all the way in both of these competitions would see two of these fixtures a month until the end of the season.

Plus the Ash assistant manager is Matt Everard. Reason if any to get yourself down there on Tuesday night!

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Ebbsfleet United v AFC Wimbledon – A Match Preview

The bad news first. I will be unable to attend the game myself thanks to a short term financial crisis caused by having to buy two tickets from Heathrow to Boston Logan over the Christmas period… unfortunately I do value being able to eat at least one decent meal a day over one game of football, and unfortunately Mrs Anonymous Don definitely does… although if her family lived in Guildford we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. Grrr….

Having said that, I should have known this would happen. Whenever we face a trip to Northfleet something happens that prevents me attending. To be honest I’m actually more worried about missing the trip to Rushden later in the month than this one (although if I haven’t got the money by then something will have gone terribly wrong…). Yet it’s still annoying, after all heading into October it sounds a lot better to say ‘I’ve only missed one game this season…’ than ‘The only games I’ve missed are…’. Especially as I am supposed to be informing the world of all things AFC Wimbledon through the medium of this blog…

Missing the game will also mean there is no match report… unless someone would like to volunteer a report? Seriously, it can be as long or short as you like, in any style you want. I absolutely guarantee I will use it… drop me an email using the address in the ‘Contact’ section above…

Anyway, on to the game itself. I already did a piece in the summer about Ebbsfleet, the usual MyFC bashing and some background which bear in mind will be a bit dated, but you can read it here – https://anonymousdon.wordpress.com/2009/06/07/the-conference-files-ebbsfleet-united/.

The Fleet fans have obviously had bigger news to digest this week, with the local council buying their Stonebridge Road ground to safeguard the clubs future there. However there is some internet chatter about the game including the return of Luke Moore. Unfortunately their supporters seem to have a ‘realistic’ view of how the game will turn out, many predicting a Dons win, which only means those predicting a win for Ebbsfleet will undoubtedly be proved right…

Don’t worry though, superstitious types out there. The mere lack of my presence means something memorable is going to happen. Our hosts haven’t scored in any of their last three games, which suggests they are overdue a goal (either that or they’re crap. I suppose we’ll find out on Saturday…). Still, there are no easy away games in this division, except for Grays but I imagine we caught them at just the right time.

The Dons team news is up, and Terry is already talking a couple of games ahead to Crawley and his squad rotation plans. The good news is that Jamie Pullen is back in the squad, along with Alan Inns. I would imagine one of them will start on Saturday… but which one? I better reveal all with my anticipated starting XI (feels like I haven’t done one of these for a while…)












Rather than last weeks 4-3-3, a return to the 4-4-2 lineup with a hungry Luke Moore alongside Kedwell, I would imagine Ross Montague may get a start in the next couple of weeks, but we will see him on the bench come Saturday. We know we won’t be seeing Elliott Godfrey, and with Moore supporting Kedwell we should see Lewis Taylor start, presumably down the right. No Derek Duncan should mean a return for Kenny Adjei, presuming he is fit. Our 1-6 are a done deal, ignoring squad numbers of course…

All this talk of the game on Saturday has now made me feel much worse. I may have to beg, borrow, or steal the money to attend (preferably the first or last… I have the scruffy face and stubbly beard at the moment, plus the elderly have just been paid…). Failing that, enjoy yourself those that are attending, and those that aren’t I suppose I’ll see you in the matchday stadium…

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The Conference Files – Ebbsfleet United

Ahh, is that the sweet smell of democracy in the air? While The Dons and The Fleet are both owned by supporters, the difference being Ebbsfleet find themselves under the control of fans that probably hadn’t heard of them before the MyFC takeover early in 2008. To the point that several thousand of them have taken their metaphorical ball (and their actual £35 a year) and found something better to do with their time, perhaps back to fantasy football and score prediction leagues. Of course it’s easy to be holier-than-thou when you’re a Wimbledon supporter… so I will continue.

MyFCMyFC is democracy gone bonkers. While us Dons are only prepared to vote on general policy and the big issues and preparing to leave the day to day running to a board voted in by us, MyFC are only a step away from being allowed to vote on the colour of Liam Daishs pants. Daish has just received confirmation he will be staying on after 93% of voting members decided he should stay, but he had little input on whether Michael Gash stayed or went – the vote on his £30,000 move saw 90% of the owners vote for him to stay. Daish seems popular – which may be why the owners seem reluctant to vote to pick the team themselves – but whether this will remain the case depends whether he can guide the team to safety with a reduced budget next season.

As a commercial enterprise, MyFC need to attract customers to ensure they can continue to fund their football club, therefore it should be no surprise they are willing to introduce any gimmick they can to spice up their product. What Ebbsfleet haven’t seen is an increase in numbers through the gate of a Saturday afternoon (or Thursday night…), surely the bread and butter of a football clubs finance no matter how much external investment is raised.

Plus the question must be asked how long MyFC will limp on for. Perhaps they will weather the storm of losing so many members and learn to run the club with a core of 5-6000? But what if a couple of years down the line the project becomes unviable? Then the worry for those that in the long run Ebbsfleet truly rely on – their supporters – will be who can take over and steady the ship. So enough about MyFC… here’s the Conference File for Ebbsfleet United FC.


EbbsbadgeIn 1890 Northfleet United were formed, moving to their long-term home ground Stonebridge Road in 1905. The club spent most of their time in the Kent League, save for a short spell in the Southern League between 1927 and 1930. During the thirties the club acted as a feeder team for Spurs, nine players passing through Stonebridge Road went on to become internationals. The arrangement ended with the onset of war in 1939. (The whole period of feeder clubs was quite an interesting one, particularly for non-league football in Kent during the thirties, a subject I may explore further one day on the other blog…).

Meanwhile Gravesend United had formed in 1893, spending most of their day in the Kent League, except for a couple of short spells in the Southern League. Following the war, the modern club of Gravesend and Northfleet United were formed when the two clubs merged, playing their home games at Stonebridge Road. The new side joined the Southern League, but it took them until 1958 to win their first title despite being full-time for a period.

Relegation in the sixties meant it wasn’t until 1974 G&N returned to the Southern League, but decent performances saw them elected as founder members of the Alliance. This proved to be short-lived, and relegations during the early ’80s meant the club found themselves back in the Southern League Southern Division in 1986. The club yo-yoed a couple of times, before in 1997 they moved to the Isthmian League, securing the title in 2001 at the expense of Canvey Island.

This time the Fleet managed to avoid relegation in the early years, becoming an established and professional Conference outfit. Everything started to change for the club in 2007 when they changed their name to Ebbsfleet United, designed to take advantage of development in the Ebbsfleet Valley. The newly named club gained notoriety following their takeover by MyFC in November 2007, finishing the season with their first ever national silverware, beating Torquay 1-0 at Wembley to lift the FA Trophy.


MyFC’s website curiously announced the Fleet attendance last season up to November was a huge increase on the previous seasons average. Sadly the figure announced, 1479, was not beaten in any game the league after that. However Fleet did manage a 3000 plus crowd to see their Trophy reign ended at the hands of Stevenage in the semi-final stage, and an initiative to allow free entry to their game against Swindon Supermarine saw 3750 pass through the door, showing the great potential the area has, if only the club could provide winning football on a regular basis.

On the pitch, Ebbsfleet steered clear of any relegation trouble but must have been disappointed with 14th place at the end of the season. Their league position must have been affected by a couple of long cup runs, notably as previously mentioned in the FA Trophy but they also managed to reach the semi final of the Setanta Shield before being dumped out by Forest Green.


So with the budget reigned in, it looks like a season of consolidation for the Fleet, with the likes of Long gone, and Gash about to go. As I write it looks like someone really wants Gash, Ebbsfleets top scorer last season, as a fresh bid for £40,000 has just been placed. I’m not really sure how the bidding club must feel having to wait on a members vote before upping their bid (I’d love to see two MyFC-style operations conduct such a transfer – one club votes on how much to bid, the other votes to reject it, the first club votes on a higher bid, and so on… the player would be out of contract by the time the clubs agree a fee!). Plus there are only a few clubs who could afford that kind of money… its certainly outside of our budget…

The owners have turned down another bid however, £10,000 from York for Player of the Year Darius Charles – a bit of a cheeky one that, as Charles only moved from Brentford in January for £25,000 – I think they were always going to tell York to do one. With an exodus of senior players, and a budget initially set at £4,000 p/w (although its risen to £4.500-ish as I write), Liam Daish must be hoping to keep hold of these players to rebuild a side around.


Most of you will know Stonebridge Road, as we have visited on three occasions (a friendly, a game against Dartford, and our victory against G&N in our aborted FA Trophy run). Personally I haven’t managed to make the journey yet, so naturally I’m looking forward to visiting for a relatively local game now we are in a national football league once more.

From all I’ve seen of Stonebridge Road it looks a proper old football ground. Except for the seats bolted onto the home end it looks as though it has remained unchanged since the 70’s. It will probably remain that way if plans to build a new stadium in the Ebbsfleet Valley come to fruition, and Ebbsfleet are quite lucky to be in the right place at the right time to benefit from an area in development (as we know we aren’t so lucky on that front!). If and when it does happen, for all the benefits of moving to a new arena, I’m sure leaving their long term ground will be a great loss to Fleet fans, however I can assure them these type of moves are always a lot easier if you have somewhere to move to…


The basic ground entry price at Ebbsfleet is rising to £15 next season (compared with our £12) but I haven’t been able to find seating prices, etc. Naturally this was voted for by the owners, who maybe didn’t factor in how this might affect Ebbsfleets casual support. For regulars there was an early bird deal, so they won’t suffer too much, but the club will need to play some decent football to pull in equivalent crowds in the current financial climate.


AFC Era – Just a couple of games as mentioned, a friendly in 2004 that finished 1-1, plus the magnificent 1-0 FA Trophy win in 2007.

All time Wimbledon –




Wimbledon’s sole defeat to G&N was a Southern League Premier Division Fixture at Stonebridge Road on 31st August 1976, where we were beaten 2-1 by the home side. 


Ebbsfleet O/S – http://www.ebbsfleetunited.co.uk/

MyFC – http://www.myfootballclub.co.uk/

Ebbsfleet MAD – http://www.ebbsfleetunited-mad.co.uk/

Forum – http://www.eufcforum.com/forum/

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