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The General Specific (Saturday 18th July ’09)

A few things to catch up on today, the first being our first trophy of the season! At least, I think there was a trophy… normally if you win a competition you get some kind of cup, even in these piss-poor pre-season gigs. For example, during the nineties I remember a warm up victory at The Manor Ground (that’s Oxford United…) was enough to secure us the Oxfordshire Benevolent Cup back in the nineties, a trophy we originally took of Oxford City back in the sixties. Next weeks Supporters Direct Cup game against them from up north has its own trophy, usually presented to the winning captain long after most fans have departed the ground for the safety of the bar. And to round off a long opening paragraph our tenants beat Woking 2-0 at TCCRFSKM today, after their legends team brilliantly beat their counterparts from Woking 10-0. Brilliantly because apparently the game only lasted half an hour…

So now you know about the cups, who won the tournament? Well, erm, we did. After swatting aside Ramsey AFC 8-1 in the first game thanks to doubles from Derek Duncan, Sam Hatton, Jon Main and Peter Rapson, an entirely different XI took the field at 3pm to take on the Isle of Man National Team (I know, but I’m not getting involved in that argument right now… all I know is if football was ever introduced to the Commonwealth Games the side we played today would be involved).

Now to be honest, Ramsey AFC haven’t managed to win the Isle of Man league (now known as the Sure Mobile Premier Division… how clever! A deodorant you can carry about with you!) for over fifty years. In fact they found themselves down in the second division earlier in the decade. We probably played them and not the recent dominant force in Manx football, St Georges, because I would imagine most of the St Georges players make up the National team anyway. Plus Ramsey have the best ground on the island, which is probably part of Mike Richardson’s back yard or something.

Anyway, the national team (who according to Terry Brown are ‘All passionate Scousers’…) gave a much better performance, restricting ours lads to a 3-0 victory with Taylor, Godfrey and Kedwell. On top of this, and if I’ve read the text updates correctly, the returning Luke Garrard made way for Jack Turner late in the game… now did we play with two keepers or is young Jack a promising right back as well? Paul Lorraine also came off, replaced by a young triallist called Marcus Gayle. Apparently he had a quiet time and I doubt we’ll be seeing him in a Dons shirt again…

Presumably the Isle of Man public failed to turn out in droves as, like me, they were following their man Mark Cavendish and his attempts to secure the Maillot Vert. Sadly for them Cav is no closer to securing the Green jersey thanks to main rival and current jersey holder Tor Hushovd following him over the finish line on todays 14th stage. This is the 14th stage of the Tour de France for all of you Sky viewers who probably spent the day watching cricket (some of us had to wait for the highlights on Five).

Presumably a few more locals ambled down to see their National Team take apart Ramsey in the evening game. Who knows? Who cares! While the Ramsey game was going on Terry Brown was busy talking to WDON (which can be found here http://www.wdon.com/2009/07/terry-brown-talks-to-wdon/)… and how surreal does that WDON We Are Wimbledon ident sound when you have a dodgy connection with the sound too high? Anyway, Mr Brown admitted he still doesn’t have a clue how the team will line up against Luton on Opening Day. Except for ‘three or four who are nailed on’. From that I would guess he means James Pullen, perhaps Lorraine and Main, probably Taylor. And that’s just starters. Personally I could write a dozen team sheets right now and not come up with the same lineup twice, so I’m glad Terry is prepared to admit he has a lot more to learn about how his side will mesh together.

Next up is Brighton on Tuesday where Brown admitted he may go back on his initial plan to field two sides in each half, and may give his first half side an hour before changing, reversing the sides for FC United of Manchester. I suppose Fulham XI is seen as a freebie for last minute experimentation, with Farnborough perhaps the first time we will see anything like what Terry sees as our strongest side.


Aside from the three remaining warm up games, there is a busy schedule at Kingsmeadow over the next couple of weeks. The kit launch for the third shirt is on Friday 24th, from 7-9pm. I have had a few requests (well…one…) regarding what the new shirt actually looks like, so I’ve decided to reproduce the original plan on here. At the same time, lasting slightly longer, is the FCUM pre-game comedy night. And finally on Thursday 30th Terry Brown will be fielding questions from the fanbase for his annual meet the manager night. The Anonymous Don will be present with my 1980’s tape recorder and little notepad, sitting on my own in the corner dedicatedly reporting back the news of the night to you, my loyal readership.

Last but not least – apparently my match reports are not only popular for my enigmatic writing style… in fact the most viewed Anonymous Don post ever featured no text at all, five photographs and a video clip (what that tells me about the quality of my writing I’m still not sure…). In fact I often get asked for originals of the photos I feature in my match reports, which still comes as a surprise to me…

Anyway, I upload all of my matchday photos, occasionally with ‘hilarious’ captions and in all their out-of-focus glory, to the photos page of the Official Anonymous Don Facebook Page (although some of those fan sites are pretty good too…) which can be found here http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Anonymous-Don/73526524635. If you’re a regular user of the Facebook you can sign up as a friend of mine (or fans as the page system refers to you as, so only if your comfortable with that…). The benefits being you will see whenever a new article is added, in fact it’ll even give you a little link to follow, as well as those photos I was talking about, and occasional random outbursts.

As for the previouly launched Twitter feeds (see the little box on the right), I’ll be experimenting with giving my opinion in real time from the stadium during the next week… I’ll tell you all when as part of the relevant match preview.

I also haven’t forgotten I promised my opinion on the first Anonymous Don poll which will come in the next few days. In the mean time you can still vote on the second poll right up to the end of this month (its that box in the top right).

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The General Specific (Friday 17th July ’09)

The big news of the week is… this blog is back!

While you recover from the news that your favouritea blog you sometimes read is now back after a two week hiatus thanks to a move and subsequent lack of internet access, I’ll get down to a roundup of news since my last appearance on Sunday when I should have been visiting family but actually wrote a pretty long match report on the Wycombe game which has rightly drawn comment over several paragraphs dedicated to my love of chips, and dislike of people who leave trays of chips untouched. Still, it blew away a few cobwebs.

ISLEOFMANAs you may have gathered, my half arsed attempts to gain sponsorship for a trip to IOM came to nought, so like most of us I will be tuned into WDON for most of Saturday. Sorry for a lack of Tournament Preview, I did start researching it at work but found the whole IOM football scene so fascinating I wasted two lunch hours reading up on it. I think I’ve missed the boat now… Naturally I will be giving comment on whatever happens, and all I’ll say now is if someone gets injured it better be worth the spike in replica shirt sales from IOM residents – if Man U have the Far East sewn up, perhaps we should concentrate on small islands in future. Who’s up for the Faeroe’s next summer?

On top of that, the reserves kicked off their campaign with a 1-4 defeat against Merstham at Colliers Wood United. The Anon Don would have been there, had I not only found out about it 1 hr 45 minutes beforehand. Anyway, I’ll be at the Cove game after it was helpfully arranged for 1200 on the same day we play Farnborough at 1500.

I’ll be back with more news tomorrow, as it’s getting on a bit now (in fact it’s well into Saturday morning!). However before I started writing this I penned a short article of great importance, which will be posted immediately after this one.

Until then…

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The General Specific (Tuesday 9th June ’09)

I had heard that the new look Women’s Premier League, when it eventually gets relaunched, will be played over the summer. I wonder whether the entire women’s game will switch to the warmer months as well, which will help keep bloggers in search of material, as I will be able to focus on the girls. Which is what I used to do before I got married, but in an entirely different sense (without a great deal of success I might add, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no playa…).

And then it comes, the shock news we have all been waiting for. SW19s Army has switched to WordPress (http://www.sw19s-army.co.uk/). Well to be honest, I think it improves it greatly, especially if it encourages Mr REPD to write a bit more often in this here close season (after all I get bored of having nothing Dons related to read too). For fear of subconsciously plagiarising Rob I’ve avoided reading his reaction to our pre-season fixtures before I write this, but there’s nothing stopping any of you from popping over for a read. Go on, I’ll still be here when you get back…

ISLEOFMANSo in a roundabout way I’ve got to where I wanted to be – those pre-season games. I’ll come to the game that haven’t been announced yet later in the post (it’s all part of my new thing – planning out what I write before I start… it seems to be working so far).  First up – The Isle of Man Tournament. Now I’m not going, mainly because when I suggested going to the Isle of Man for a threeway, my wife threatened to catch the next flight back to Yankeyville leaving divorce papers fluttering in the wind behind her. But also, as I mentioned in previous scribblings, I just don’t have the money. A pound saved now is a pound better used later in the season when it matters. As the whole thing effectively takes place in Mike Richardson’s backyard, you wonder why he doesn’t just shell out to bring us all over!

Of course I’m gutted to miss out. The football will be ok of course, but I’ve always wanted to visit the place, and watching the TT on telly doesn’t make up for it, especially as I have little interest in motorcycles. The key game will be our 1230 matchup with what is effectively the Manx National Team – and if the Faroes can be a FIFA member then so can they? Well no, so the Manx XI spend their time playing other islands and outcasts of the international game such as Gibraltar or Greenland. Next up is Ramsey FC at 1500, not the current champions, in fact they haven’t won a  title since the 50’s. Finally in the game of the day, the two local clubs square off for bragging rights in the bar after.

I like the fact the lads are going to be building bridges by giving some local kid a coaching session, if the whole thing goes ok hopefully we will win a few new friends in that part of the world. There seem to be more home games this summer than we have ever had before, so the club are obviously confident that recent years work on the pitch has created a more durable surface, and our second game sees us face the challenge of Brighton. At least we are facing some decent opposition this year (although it is on a Tuesday night so expect the crowd to be low and the game low-key) but we don’t seem to have as many games this year as previous seasons so I suppose we need to make the most of them.

ffcThe previously advertised FCUM game is our second of three games in a week, the last being against a Fulham ‘XI’. Now XI could mean anything in terms of the strength of the side they will send, it could be mainly academy players or a team with a number of first teamers in. The best way to work it out is by checking the rest of their fixtures. Fulhams glamour games are early in the month on their tour of Australia. They then take on Bournemouth and Aldershot before facing ourselves and Staines. There is a likelihood the could announce another fixture on the day they play Staines which could affect our game, but I suppose they will make a decision closer to the time as to who will play depending on who needs match fitness and who needs looking after ten days before the big kickoff.

Finally we face Farnborough in the fixture arranged when we loaned Whatshisname at the end of last season – I’m sure we only got involved to secure a fixture against decent opposition. Farnborough have made a couple of decent signings from Ebbsfleet and look like they want to make no mistakes in the Southern League this time around.

But wait! Don’t we still owe Tonbridge a game as part of the Jon Main deal? Well yes, unless we arranged to throw some extra cash their way to make up for it. I’m not sure how much Tonbridge will make from a midweek fixture though, and whether I venture into Kent will depend on an number of issues, most likely money but also what time I’ll arrive back in the Kingston/Surbiton borders.

Which leaves only one – the first home game. Now will this be against Championship opposition? Or even a Premiership giant? Perhaps even a foreign club has been tempted? Its like saving a Christmas present to unwrap later in the day, our mind races as you think of what exciting surprise you will receive. Guaranteed once the game is announced it will be the equivalent of socks from your gran though. All this fuss over nothing. But perhaps I’m just being pessimistic. I know Arsenal have been touted on the guestbook in an entirely made up rumour, so that’s good enough for me. Anything less will be an insult to us, the paying punters and club owners. So sort it out AFC Wimbledon – we deserve the best!

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The General Specific (Wednesday 20th May ’09)

So I haven’t written a General Specific for a while, and I’m not going to go overboard on this one. Basically, there has been no news. But as we all know, no news is good news! Hurray! I’ve been working my fingers to the blogging bone recently, both here and on Control>Shoot, which I’ve managed to secure a regular readership for mainly due to a protest campaign which, while agreed with by the majority of those who read the blog, was sadly to trivial to spur them to actually sign the petition… Booooo! But on the plus side, I have the petition with the lowest views to signature ratio since ‘Save money by sending Rampton Inmates to look after sick kids’. Hurray!

Anyway now I’ve managed to fill out an opening paragraph with absolutely no Dons news (Hurray!… err… Booooo!), lets have a look at what’s in the papers this week. Well the SLP have come back with the remarkable news that Tom Davis is upset he got the chop, Tony Finn was just glad to have the chance to saunter around with his hands on his hips for a couple of seasons, and ex-Histon striker Jack Midson has ensured he will have to put up with several thousand Dons fans waving banknotes in his direction by turning down a Dons offer to sign for Oxford United instead…

Still no news on any other new signings, or pre-season games, and I’m starting to think the whole Isle of Man trip might turn out to be entirely fabricated a la Bradford Park Avenue in Spain last year. Expect a local waiter to bag a hat trick for us in the local 5-a-side centre and be bigged up as the legend he isn’t by the O/S…

Anyway I have spoiled you all slightly with my output over the last few weeks (some of which must have been at least quite interesting???), but I have some bad news…. unfortunately Mrs Anonymous Don has decided to return from her jaunt across the Atlantic (BOOOOOOOOOOO!) only about six weeks after I did but never mind, so for the next couple of weeks at least I may be expected to spend at least half of my spare time going on pointless walks, watching lame chick flicks, that kind of thing…

However I do get to make at least one suggestion of what to do this long weekend, so I have suggested we assist at the cleanup at Kingsmeadow. Amazingly she didn’t dismiss this out of hand, so hopefully an afternoon scrubbing graffiti off smelly urinals will learn her not to take extended holidays in future. As for me, well I deserve to put in a bit of graft to rebalance my Karma after chain-smoking my way through another season (I’ve given up now though, for two weeks, so give me a pat on the back…) and allowing some poor other chump to sweep them up. So if you’ve sat on your backside all season while someone else volunteers to clean up your crap, the least you could do is put a few hours graft in where it will be appreciated…

Full details on the O/S. So Ill see you there (possibly….). 

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