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The General Specific (Thursday 6th August ’09)

Less than two days now…

In fact as I write this particular sentence it is 43 hours, 28 minutes until the big kick-off. In my role of Anonymous Don I have to know this information… it’s my job. Well actually it’s not. My job is giving technical support to customers of a certain German shower manufacturer who I cannot name, mainly because they haven’t paid for an advert so aren’t going to get one for free…

It’s been long overdue, but a roundup of this weeks news, with some opinion from myself just to stop those who get a bit bored reading about stuff they already know from getting bored. First things first. The BBC seem to have caught on to this new AFC Wimbledon team that have appeared in the Conference.






The BBC AFCW page has been updated several times this week, the latest news being we have signed down Chris Hussey and comedian Mickey Hutton to new contracts. I knew the comedy nights were getting big but I didn’t realise exclusive contracts were….. hang on…. no, apparently they don’t mean Mickey Hutton, they mean Sam Hatton. Oh! Silly Me! 

Well it’s great to know that two days after the news was all over the local and regional papers, the BBC are out like lightening to make sure the news is correctly reported to the nation. It’s great to know that our best source of publicity on the web is being written by someone who doesn’t have a clue. Plus, have you tried the player selector yet? Not giving too much away, but it looks like Andy Sambrook and Dwayne Lee are in for a surprise return…

Brett Johnson signed this week. I will admit I was wrong when I said I thought it was all too good to be true. Brett, welcome to the club. For what it’s worth I really rate him. He’s solid. I would be amazed if the Luton game comes around and he isn’t in the starting lineup. Although I have a feeling one big name will miss out – so seeing as though just about everybody else has named their lineup on Old Centrals, and Paul Raymond has systematically polled the fanbase to work out what your average AFCW fan thinks the lineup should be… so, at long last I am prepared to reveal the side I think Terry will pick…

(It’s 442 Diamond for you formation fans…)

GK – Pullen

RB – Conroy

LB – Duncan

CB – Lorraine

CB – Johnson

DMF – Gregory

RM – Taylor

LM – Hussey

MF – Godfrey

ST – Kedwell

ST – Moore

SUB 1 – Judge

SUB 2 – Hatton

SUB 3 – Main

SUB 4 – Wellard

SUB 5 – Garrard

So why have I gone with this lineup? Trying to second guess Terry Brown is no easy task, especially with an embarrassment of riches (or at very least a number of decent footballers who appear to be of similar ability) at his disposal.

What I was thinking was…

  • Terry doesn’t pick a goalkeeper on the bench if that goalkeeper is Jack Turner…
  • When he picks five outfield players one of them is always a random fullback (plus Garrard can fill a number of positions).
  • Luton will be well used to that small nippy/big skillful strike partnership, so pairing Keds with Luke Moore and Godfrey just behind will give them enough creativity to keep them busy for most of the afternoon.
  • When the Luton back line show signs of weariness, bring on Main and let him at ’em.
  • Duncan and Hussey are virtually interchangeable, expect them to swap positions more often than a porn star on her wedding night.

I’ve probably over thought this. Perhaps Terry will come back with something amazingly simple? Who knows?

One option he won’t have is an out-and-out target man. Calvin McMorriston has been dispatched back to ‘a club close to the Isle Of Man’ with a glowing reference, so Peter Rapson will be an important figure in the first team squad, possibly until the end of August (when all those guys holding out for big money now will be happy to accept a short term contract just to keep their name on managers lips).

Actually what Terry said to the BBC was reported by them as ‘…Brown is still hoping to sign another striker, but admits he may not be able to bring the player to the club before Saturday’s season opener at home to Luton Town…’ Of course, this being the BBC what he could have said to them was equally likely to be ‘I’m just off home to get a bit of gardening done…’

Finally, there will be a bit of reading for you tomorrow as I will publish a ‘new-style’ Match Preview for the Luton game. Plus if you haven’t read it, read my last post, especially if you happen to be either Moaning Old Git, Mr Spits When He Shouts, or Mr Angry… if you stand near me in the JSS, you’ll know who these people are…

Get those vocal chords warmed up…

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