The General Specific (Wednesday 21st October ’09)

First off, a great big MASSIVE congratulations to Chris Hussey, who last night made his debut for Coventry City in their 2-0 defeat at Cardiff. Hussey came on as a substitute midway through the second half and has apparently been given the number 14 shirt, which suggests Coleman sees him as a relatively important squad member.

The bad news is that this proves my theory that the Universe that we live in is nothing other than the physical manifestation of a dream the twelve year old Hussey is currently having. His alarm is going to go off shortly, and we shall all explode into nothingness, as young Hussey sits up and rubs his eyes, his only memory being a seven-foot tall furry creature with an oversized ball on a football field, and several hundred Cardiff fans ‘doing the Hussey’ (

Hopefully our existence will last long enough for us to find out our FA Cup fate on Saturday. Now the Admission War with Crawley has been won (or did we lose?) and the FA has set the price (£14 terrace, £17 seat), we can focus on the football. I hope those whose self-righteous reluctance to travel over an amount of money so trivial it wouldn’t even buy you half a pint in most town centre pubs are going to make the journey, the underlying rumble of dissatisfaction actually helps the atmosphere thanks to encouraging long-retired singers like myself to make a comeback if only to drown them out.

Our visitors are obviously looking to coin it in, and if you feel your being ripped off by them, reclaim the money by keeping it in your pocket when you pass the guy selling programmes or the burger van. More on the game itself in an FA Cup preview special I am planning on writing (but don’t hold your breath after recent form…).

The reserves played Metropolitan Police last night, Terry allowing Brown, Adjei, Judge, Wellard and Montague some game time. All got a full ninety minutes under their belts except Adjei, who was subbed just after the hour. Wellard even managed to score to give the Ressies an eleventh minute lead, but was overshadowed by our second string goal machine Elton Gjoni. Gjoni himself found that, for once, he didn’t have the funniest name on the pitch; the Met goalscorer Dave Banjo hoping to strum up some interest in his form with their consolation – perhaps hoping to be plucked by their first team soon?

The U18s are involved in FA Youth Cup action away to Tilbury as I write… the winners face a home tie against Sutton or Margate (who play tomorrow) – expect an update later tonight featuring the result of that one. The ladies crashed out of their FA competition with a 0-5 thumping at Aldershot. Lets hope then that the first team can continue their adventure… actually I think I’m coming down with something. I’m feeling anxious, nervy, sweating slightly and have the shakes… could this be… Cup fever I’m coming down with???

NB – The Anonymous Don would like to apologise for the lame ‘cup fever’ joke. I had no idea how to end the piece, and in my defense all I can say is I was tired and emotional when I wrote it (just two minutes ago…). Rest assured, I will work tirelessly to avoid such errors of judgement in future, which has soiled my good reputation, and I hope my actions have not damaged the reputation of the wider fanbase.

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