News Round Up 30/8/11

The dust has started to settle after the Dons 0-4 drubbing by Macclesfield at the weekend. No match response from the Anonymous Don, as I followed the game via WDON I’m probably not qualified to comment (which is a shame, as disseminating a shocking reverse is one of the most worthwhile aspects of club specific blogging), but my immediate reaction was this was a shocking scoreline.

I’m going to stand by that, no side should be losing by four goals against a divisional rival that, with all due respect, probably aren’t going to be challenging for the title this season. What I will say is a certain other London club who got hammered in the North West this weekend, one who spent much of the eighties and nineties benefiting from a robust long ball game but now are famed for their passing game, have decided to compensate supporters who made the journey. Although I’m not going to suggest our club follow suit… the Arsenal are cash rich having sold all their best players this summer and failed to replace them. Oh, hang on…

I’m sure most of those who followed the lads up won’t ask for any further compensation than and apology, and to be fair most of the playing staff have obliged over the last couple of days, be it on various social sites or via the media. Which is nice to hear, but you wouldn’t want them to make a habit of it, for obvious reasons. With transfer deadline approaching, TB could have made a knee-jerk reaction and acquired a new centre half, but perhaps sensibly he has chosen to stick with what he has for now…

I’m sure he was more likely to splash out his budget on that Kedwell replacement he spoke about earlier in the month, but we haven’t looked like we have a problem going forward. Far better to take stock of what we have over the coming months, only splashing out if we find ourselves in trouble come January… and I’m of the opinion TB has enough at his disposal squad-wise for a comfortable mid-table finish – if anything he just needs to learn the best combination. I hope to see an element of experimentation over the coming months, and will accept a degree of inconsistency while Brown searches for the right mix. Kieran Djalali looks like he’ll be the final signing of the summer for Brown, although you can never say never with our manager, he has thrown a few surprises our way in the past…

With a quiet deadline day and no midweek action, there’s little further of note newswise, although we are only without fixture this week thanks to our JPT bye. We’ll find our second round opponents at the weekend, with most of us crossing our fingers Brentford will do us a favour and beat the Franchise freakshow tonight. The club stealers have had a fair bit of media attention over the last week or so, mainly thanks to their unfortunate league position – and a fair bit of it has involved the national media falling for their revisions of history.

Don’t you just hate the way whenever we attempt to put our side of the story across in a calm and considered manner, some franchise loser pops up claiming ‘there are two sides to every story’, before spouting some absolute fiction in the hope of causing enough confusion the truth is buried? While the majority of intelligent football supporters are able to cut through the crap, unfortunately the majority of football supporters are not intelligent…

Fortunately Bath Womble has come to our aid with his excellent blog The Truth About Franchise FC, so next time the office wanker starts spouting rubbish again, you know where to send him…

At least we don’t need to worry about meeting them in the JPT – Brentford just beat them 4-3 on penalties… our eventual second round defeat will feel all the sweeter for it.

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