And The First Signing Of The New Season Is… Max Porter

Following the release of two centre halves and three forwards, as well as the ongoing problem of not owning a dedicated left back outright, it might surprise a few of you to learn Terry Brown’s first signing as a Football League manager is a midfielder.

No ordinary midfielder either, former England C captain Max Porter was rumoured to be signing for the Dons two years ago when his Barnet contract expired, and an article on the Bees website suggested he may have been AFCW-bound. In the end Porter ended up at Rushden, but Brown has admitted he attempted to sign Porter back in ’09, and seems to have finally got his man.

How many of us saw the England C squad last month, saw Porter’s name followed by (UNATTACHED) and thought, ‘hang on…’. It was almost too obvious, wasn’t it? Especially as the Dons are overloaded with midfielders at the moment. You have to wonder whether we may see departures? Logic would suggest non-contract James Mulley would seem to be most at risk…

With Brown jetting off to join the squad in Vegas, its unlikely we’ll hear any news until their return…


3 thoughts on “And The First Signing Of The New Season Is… Max Porter

  1. Hong Kong Garden says:

    Great signing.

    Max Porter is an extremely good central midfielder who can play the “Gregory/Minshull” holding role or “Wellard/Mulley/Yussuff” attacking role.

    Don’t see any players like Mulley in danger of leaving, Porter just gives us loads of options. In any case, are all the player releases for 2011/12 done and dusted?

    • anonymousdon says:

      I think the worry is Mulleys non-contract status still hasn’t been resolved (or at least, it hasn’t been reported to have been resolved). and while that remains the case there will always be a slight question mark over his future. Presuming he does stay, and adding Sammy Moore to the picture, we are going to have some unbelievable talent just sitting on the bench next term.

  2. piggeh says:

    And, of course, the last person TB had tried to sign a few years previously before finally managing to do so, was a certain.. Mark Nwokeji.. ok, maybe not a good sign.

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